KTM 125 Race Concept

Modification GL PRO NEO

Home makers MODIF “GDZH a Customized Cycle” Jombang launched performs based  Ford GL Pro ’05 neotech garden Maji pleasure of Pacet Mojokerto.

As regular, these performs were also obtain Anyar feeling like the earlier performs. No one competitions the court when the crew’s greatest MODIF Philippines, HOCS compensate with first-class winners award sports awesome MODIF in Malang sequence HOCS ago. team

KTM 690 Stop Concept

It must be confessed if the intuition MODIF really distinct indicated by Ghondezh, doi very real gape in identifying whether a concept MODIF unusual and never even glimpsed even by other makers.

Like now, the formal doi KTM 690 Stop rejuvenated idea, the idea of free style engine radicals launched a primary producer of the engine giant’s world of Luxembourg in 2008 ago. “His features are not only innovative but also very masculine, fixed with a demand bros Muji,” said Ghondezh.


Since the style of the KTM 690 Stop relatively simple, creation factor feet certainly impact the balance of worldwide. Hence the program hits you of the former spend moge considered fit to keep the picture of fantastic.

“I do not think pake long, front-end device I product up-side down Aprilia RS 125 which linked with the more innovative with my move arm device of Cagiva Mito complete kevlar-carbon,” said Ghondezh. Helping the look, Tromol also  Tromol ex. pathway bicycle develop up complete with disks and disk calipers and Brembonya Beringer tattoo designs.

Trellis structure impact down

KTM 125 Race Concept

Do not want to lose his awesome pet than KTM primary designer Gerald Kiska, Gondezh Trellis structure development was developed that flanked the conventional GL engine. Created from a tubular gas tube, development Trellis structure has been deliberately designed impact down alias sets to accomplish the modification of running and unloading machine sets.

“Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to make accident cafes around the engine, so I created the form of engine alternative engine secure safety dish made from 1.2 mm” said Ghondezh.


Standard style shows the idea of a true motorbike stuntman, also developed the development Ghondezh scrape the bar right at the tip of end models. “Application to back up action 90 degree wheelie, I created dense remove of metal content,” indicated Ghondezh. The set up must highly linked with the tube to the back to get complete power.

FULL BODY galvanized

“What really must be taken into account is how to get the most appropriate evaluate of body measurements in order to stunt-bike placement it can really get the perfect” close-bike stunt Ghondezh assistance his placement with a share handlebar falls dust bicycle cafes.

KTM 125 Race Concept
KTM 125 Race Concept
KTM 125 Race Concept
KTM 125 Race Concept
KTM 125 Race Concept

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