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Morini Dart 350

Moto Morini

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Moto Morini was an Italian motorcycle company created by Alfonso Morini 1937 in Bologna.

History and model rows

Before the Second World War busy the enterprise primarily with the production of Last-Dreiradfahrzeugen.Doch already immediately after it created itself Morini its first own motorcycle, the 125 Turismo . which – like many other manufacturers at this time also – took loans at the DKW blank 125. The Turismo with typical two-stroke engine was the time in as much ahead as she exhibited a Geradfederung of the rear wheel.

Fast followed a sport and a supersport version, whose development finally culminated in the Competizione . on which Alberti 1948 the Italian championship won. Famous drivers such as Pagani, Alberti or Masetti started successfully with the Competizione . The secondary life models remained until 1953 in the program.

In order to be able to oppose the Mondials with double ochers something, arising at the market, a 123ccm-Werksrennmaschine with chain-driven obenliegender cam shaft followed after the Zweitakt Competizione 1951. It followed the general trend to the four-cycle principle.

For the customers 1953 appeared as first four-cycle models the 175 Turismo with 8,5 HP and the famous Settebello on the market. The Settebello 175 was offered Italia until 1958 as road-suited Production Racer for ambitionierte participant the well-known long-distance running such as Milano Taranto or the giro D to’ and was suited with approx. 15 HP from 175 ccm for running.

The pallet was supplemented 1954 around the sport version Gran Turismo with 11 HP. A supersport version carried 13 HP out and must as everyday life-suited alternative to the Settebello 175 be considered.

The type Settebello 175 branch Corte developed starting from 1958 as pure Rennmaschine in few copies and still to beginning of the seventies of private drivers was used. All engines of this series followed same construction principle of a ohv Einzylinders with push rods and rocker arms. The Morinis was generally considered as very

1956 came the model Briscola with and fork with pushed short rocker as economically favorable alternative on the Markt.Ab 1958 replaced the new Tresette all past 175er of models and provided in such a way for comprehensibility in the broad model pallet. There was also this model in a sport version as Sprint with 13 HP. Both were offered to 1963.

One on 250ccm drilled out version called itself Settebello 250 GTI and should between 1965 and 1969 above all the American market conquer, which failed however to a large extent.

The work running model Rebello as successors of the 123ccm work running machine obtained dohc engine with initially 22 HP with 175ccm ohc and starting from 1955 some considerable national and international successes.

From the Rebello in the following years the 250 GP Bialbero were developed, on which starting from 1961 Tarquinio Provini also on international level was unbelievably fast. In the year 1963 it missed the WM-title only around two points against Jim Redman on four-cylinder Honda. With last up to 40 HP this machine until today applies as fastest 250ccm-Einzylinder of all times.

Model pallet 1956 downward by 98er Sbarazzino rounded off, interesting, to its time modern ohv Einzylinder along parallel hanging valves, four courses and which developed for basis for many following models to 1975.Bereits 1958 additionally the cognate Corsaro 125 . which appeared in the following years with good reason sales impacts good in various Turismo, sport and area versions with up to 160 ccm and 5-Gang transmissions.

The area haven versions, which Regolarita Casa, are remarkable, which were available between 1967 and 1975 with 98, 122, 143 and 163 ccm. With them numerous area competitions, among other things also six-day meetings, successfully one denied. In the moped range came 1963 with the Corsarino a 48ccm-Viertaktmaschine on the market.

It represented a completely independent new development and until 1976 in some variants offered, among other things also with 60ccm capacity.

1969 deceased to firm founder Alfonso Morini and its daughter Gabriella took over the line of the enterprise. 1971 gave it an absolute new development with Morini.Die to 3 1/2 had a 72-Grad-V-Zweizylinder ohv engine to exhibit, for the first time gave it in series with a motorcycle an electronic ignition and a 6-Gang transmission. The Heron combustion chamber concept and the for the first time used toothed belt for the drive of the central cam shaft are likewise worth mentioning.

Technical designer was an engineer Franco Lambertini. The 344ccm-Motor carried 35 HP in the route version and even 39 HP out in the model sport. 1973 came first the route model 3 1/2 T on the market, 1974 the sport version 3 1/2 S.Der passage-strong and long-lived engine into details constantly were developed further, however from the principle maintained, and found until 1991 into different capacity and achievement variants up to a prototype with 478 ccm and supercharger Verwendung.Als successor of the 1975 adjusted Corsaro models appeared the 125H . whose engine was quasi a halved 3 1/2 engine with changed drilling and stroke dimensions.

Morini Dart 350

1978 followed the 3 1/2 in logical consequence 478 ccm version, first with 5 courses and later with 6-Gang transmission, which locked the model pallet and the engine construction box system upward. In halved execution one year was already in former times 239 ccm a cylinder with ohv engine as 250T available been.

The good chassis could not counterbalance small engine performance and the strong vibrations of the 250er and limited their success, their construction period was already 1980 to Ende.An of its place appeared with the 250J then again a genuine V2 with identical capacity, which sold itself however likewise only in small numbers of items. Also the 478 ccm models was criticized because of in series only modest engine performance.

To old area experiences Morini at the end of of 1981 with the Camel 500 tied, an easy Enduro with easily modified 478 ccm engine a journey Enduro appropriate from the road model and recognized good area characteristics, which 1985 to the Camel 501 with 507 ccm engine mutated, the spirit of the time. Thus the V-Motorenreihe had received the engine of all Morini standard models strongest with 43 HP. To the Camel 1982 the capacity-smaller 350er Kanguro . an easy, sporty and everyday life-suited Enduro, which was built like the Camel until 1989 in some variants, appeared parallel, and whose characteristic corresponded to the respective Camel model . Also 125 ccm Enduro was available, but with its engine not competitive.

1986 were taken over Moto Morini by the brothers Castiglioni. This company combined Morini beside the marks Cagiva, Ducati and Husqvarna and now also. The name should cover the market range Chopper in the company in the future. Under the new direction the soft Chopper models Excalibur 350/501 as well as New York 350/501 developed in the Morini work.

The Enduros was called starting from 1989 Coguaro 350/501 and showed up on a technical improved again condition for sportily ambitionierte drivers gave it the full-disguised Dart 350 . outside from Italy also as Dart 400 . a synthesis from 125 ccm Cagiva model and in the meantime antiquated V2-Motor already existing.

1991 were adjusted by Cagiva the production of Morini motorcycles and the mark was verschwandt. The rights at the label name Moto Morini were sold to 1999 to the company Motori Franco Morini well-known by their installation engines in Bologna. One the owner is Maurizio Morini a nephew of Alfonso Morini.

At the 2.Dezember 2004 Franco Morini on the engine show Bologne presented two new models, which are to be produced starting from summer 2005 under the mark Moto Morini in the again established work in Casalecchio di Reno. The 9 1/2 and the Corsaro 1200 has a water-cooled 87В° of 2 cylinders V-engine with 1.187 ccm, the 9 1/2 with smaller valves and other engine management. The engine became again of engineer Franco Lambertini, which creator of the legendary 3 1/2 of 1973 develops.

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