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Thread: My new Royal Enfield Classic 500 EFi.

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Re: My new Royal Enfield Classic 500 EFi.

Hey guys. Im back after RM12. 8000km and 9 States. Did Rann of Kutch which was awesome. The bike performed brilliantly. Was ripping at 120kph on my way up.

B’lre – Panvel in 17hrs was the highlight and Hyd – Chennai in 22hrs was the low light. Now the engine is 33000km old and it has started to consume engine oil @ 200ml every 1000km. I should get the piston rings replaced.


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more on Race Dynamics PowerTronic ECU for anyone who is interested,

Now that Royal Enfield has come up with a remap for the stock ECU of the Classic 500 that is said to eliminate most of the ECUs shortcomings, where does this leave the RaceDynamics ECU?

Royal Enfield Bullet C5 Classic EFI

The RaceDynamics ECU, like the stock ECU runs on a closed loop system. However, the stock ECU does not offer an option for the customer to bolt on an aftermarket exhaust like the Goldstar or the Megaphone. RaceDynamics’ ECU has a precoded map to recognize a free flow exhaust on the Classic 500, and will act by supplying more fuel to ensure that the motorcycle does not run lean.

Why is this important?

The Royal Enfield Classic uses an air cooled, single cylinder 500cc engine. This engine’s sheer size means that it needs plenty of air flow to operate at its optimum potential without the engine overheating. An overheating engine means accelerated engine damage and this is a potential consequence of running a goldstar or a free flow muffler, as these exhausts lean out the mixture.

For those who know Royal Enfields, they will appreciate the fact that one of the most common modifications that a Royal Enfield is likely to make, as the soulful thump is everything, for most Bulleteers.

The RaceDynamics ECU which comes with a map that will recognize a free flow exhaust and adjust the air fuel mixture to the ideal stoichiometric ratio of 14.7. 1, which will ensure that your Classic 500 will give you a small power bump when you install a free flow air filter even as the engine of your motorcycle runs on the perfect fuel mixture. So, in a sense the RaceDynamics ECU will increase performance when mated to a free flow exhaust and this is something that the stock ECU cannot do due to the limitations in its code mapping.

Excuse me. That’s a load of crap what these RD guys are saying. RD ECU and the stock ECU is open looped system. ( No O2 sensor ) So its virtually impossible to adjust the mixture on the fly. These open looped system work on a fixed set of maps. One advantage with RD ECU is it can be tuned for your exhaust and inlet and other mods but it wont automatically adjust.

The new stock ECU is more than good for exhaust and inlet mods.

Royal Enfield Bullet C5 Classic EFI
Royal Enfield Bullet C5 Classic EFI

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