MZ ES 150
MZ ES 150


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The ETS series (abbreviation for Einzylinder Telegabel rocker) are a motorcycle series the VEB of motorcycle works Zschopau (MZ), which was produced from 1969 to 1973. Beside ETS as work designation the name Trophy sport existed as also of the MZ IT gave it to essentially two versions of the ETS for the sales and the advertisement: the large (250 cm and the small (125 and 150 cm series end of the sixties had MZ with the it models only motorcycles with full rocker chassis in the program. Around the desire for a model with sportier chassis to fulfill one developed IT from the basis that to a large extent invariably the ETS.

Frameworks, engine as well as various attachments are completely identical to the parallel produced it types; this applies to the large, and the small series. Again, like all MZ-models, many identical attachments used the large and small series as for instance Telegabel and armatures.

The large series (250 cm

The large ETS was sketched and manufactured end of the 60’s importers Western European on urge. Reason for it was the change of trend abroad to sporty with Telegabel, away from the customs motorcycle with front wheel rocker. In order not to have to however too large production capacities for the new model, one decided to lean the ETS in principles against IT 250/2.

1966 began parallel to the development that IT 250/2, the development of the ETS by the technical designers around the engine specialist Roland shoemaker and the main technical designer Manfred Thierfelder. One handed only the task to the designers over Giese and Kelm, the Central Institute for styling Berlin for the reorganization of tank, seat and the front portion.

In July 1969, which was late around a 1 year, introduction of the series began pressing tools for the plates only 1968 supplied was there. There were problems beside it also during the material procurement. So e.g. specially special steel in the NSW had to be bought for the Telegabel. Around however with the used construction to remain one decided however for evenly that Telegabel, which had been already blocked in the area haven models.

For the road machine ETS 250 however this one changed accordingly. Headlights and reflector come against it still until 1971 from the BK350 and with the Faceliftmodell were only changed. The engine however was taken from 250/2 with 17,5 HP as far as possible out of that IT. Detail-improved and provided with higher compression this carried now 19 HP and was used, with the appearance of the ETS, also in that IT for 250/2 Trophy out.

Differently as their sister, IT 250/2, was intended the ETS than bottom plate machine. It possesses the bottom plate-suited framework that IT, the Telegabel however is however rather unsuitable for trailer operation. A quantity production as bottom plate did not take place therefore officially.

To obviously adjust however unofficially 6 ETS bottom plates to the importer of the German Federal Republic Neckermann delivered around delivery difficulties with the it bottom plate. Starting from 1971 then the Faceliftmodell introduction held. The ETS received instead of black shields, silberen and optionally for red lacquer finish, a yellow one. A new headlight with larger light achievement and an optional high steering wheel increased besides the value in use.

Also MZ-atypical few copies of the ETS were built by the short construction period and the high Devisenaufwand. Altogether left, from July 1969 until March 1973, 16,275 machines the work, whereby only less than 50% of the machine were intended for the Eastern Bloc actually. In order to be able to cover the domestic motorcycle need however, the following delivery dispatching developed:

13,000 machines remained in the GDR, 1500 went into the FRG, 650 to France, 634 into the united Kingdom of, 182 to Denmark, 102 into the Iraq, 65 to Australia, 62 to Yugoslavia, 50 into Iran, 25 into the USSR, 4 into the USA und1 machine to Finland.

MZ ES 150
MZ ES 150

Today (conditions 1 January 2004) still 201 MZ ETS 250 are certified in the Federal Republic.

By the small number of items number of built ETS, it is today in demand a collecting tank object this applies to the special models it of the ETS all the more gave. The ETS250 Eskort is most well-known. It had been given at the beginning of the 70iger by the MfS in order and manufactured in a connecting number of 60 machines.

This special production was intended as escorting machine for state bodies. Differently than the Serienmaschine the Eskort was equipped with, the stronger engine originating from that area haven machines with 5-Gang-Getriebe and 2 alternatively adjustable spark plugs. Much chrome, a full lining and the vierreckige waiting castle headlight are the characteristic characteristics of a Eskort. The present collecting tank value of a ETS Eskort would be allowed to do about 2500 – 4000 euro amount to.

Beside the Eskort is there also the ETS from which also the contraction ETS comes. They had appeared parallel already at the beginning of the 60iger to the ES250/1 and considerably responsible for the success of MZ with the Trophy. The ETS gave it in the following capacity classes: 175ccm ETS 175G; 250ccm ETS 250G and 300ccm ETS 300G.

The small series (125 and 150 cm

The two smaller models are up to the capacity among themselves identical. Also they continued to use the framework of the small it series as well as the engine and various landing gear parts. The tank was only taken over by the Simson Sperber. With the Telegabel there were however problems. Nevertheless the ETS-250-Gabel was first for the small models too taut.

In order to go around this, one decided in the IFA collective combine that the small ETS with the fork from the outdated blanks 125/3 should be blocked. This vereeitelten however the MZ-technical designers around main technical designer Manfred Thierfelder, as they and oil level of the ETS-250-Gabel for the small ETS changed fork feather/spring.

As is the case for the large ETS was there the Facelift.Von that approximately 15,000 produced ETS 125 and ETS 150 also here are today still less than 50 certified. The ETS 125 is besides with 4000 produced units the rarest series MZ model and at present highly acted. The small ETS of July 1970 until May 1973 was built in series.

MZ ES 150
MZ ES 150
MZ ES 150
MZ ES 150
MZ ES 150
MZ ES 150
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