Benelli Macis 150 C.C.

Peugeot release a new classic range of individual scooters called the Django. Features a nice build your own concept also.

Another European only release. The Django is a celebration of Peugeot’s past, replicating models that first appeared back in the early 1950’s. The Django will be available in 4 styles and you can even customise your own with the Django configurator.

The Django comes in 50, 125 and 150 cc options. The four styles include the Allure, the Sport, the Evasion and the Heritage. With the online configurator, Peugeot believes you can create up to 118,000 individual variations.

Other key features include a linked braking system, 12 volt charger and LED lighting and dash. I’m thinking the Django is going to be all about the style and little about the specs. The Django does look cool and more importantly, individual.

Full European press release below.

European Press Release – Peugeot Django

As a pioneer in the motorised two-wheeled adventure by giving birth to the first motorcycle in 1898, as the winner of the most prestigious competitions such as the Bol d’Or and the Grand Prix des Nations, and as the inventor of the modern scooter with plastic bodywork just 30 years ago, for the past 115 years Peugeot Scooters has always found a way to renew itself to create even greater surprises. Now, by investing in the neo-retro segment with Django, it is delving into its history to improve its designs for the future.


Created in the early 1950s, at the time the S55 was a very comfortable and well-equipped two-seater scooter with genuine practical qualities. First and foremost, it was the very first scooter marketed by Peugeot and over time evolved into the S57. As a symbol of freedom and French elegance, our designers have taken their inspiration from this scooter to create the silhouette of its successor: Django.

With its musical name and its irresistibly retro styling, Django owes its identity to a unique heritage. Inspired by its past, Django is a scooter with lines that seem to want to rewrite history, 60 years later. A question of styling history.

In fact, above all, Django is an elegant creation.

The most demanding observers will appreciate the styling hints of the past and the refinement of a vehicle on which nothing has been left to chance. Standing solidly on its 12’’ wheels, Django seems to flow like a flagship, characterised by its well-rounded rear wings punctuated by 3 air intakes, and its long, flowing bodywork reminiscent of the saloon cars of that era.


While its obvious S55 / S57 lineage is undeniable from the strict aesthetic standpoint, Django is nevertheless a resolutely modern scooter on the technology front, as epitomised by the design of its lighting. Equipped with an all-LED lighting system, the Lion set in the centre of the wide front grille framed by the daytime lighting surround sets Django apart from all the other scooters on the market: like its cousin the Peugeot Metropolis, with its lighting strip between the 2 front wheels, a simple glance is all it takes to identify its unique personality. The same principle is apparent at the rear with a light cluster comprising high visibility signature strip-lighting that enhances Django’s neoretro spirit.

In addition to this equipment that has again been inspired by Peugeot’s automobile universe, Peugeot Scooters breaks with tradition by contrasting retro styling with resolutely state-of-the-art equipment: powered by 4 different high-performance and fuel-efficient versions, Django offers an arsenal of engines ranging from a 50 c.c two-stroke to a 125 c.c. and 150 c.c. four-stroke.

From the safety standpoint, the Synchro Braking Control (SBC) integral braking system distributes braking effort simultaneously to the front and rear wheels and is available as standard equipment on 125 c.c. and 150 c.c. models.

A radical change is apparent in front of the rider as, at the centre of a dashboard with very 50’s styling, an LCD screen displays total and partial trip meters, the ambient temperature and actual speed, in addition to the analogue speedometer needle. With its perfect ergonomic design, Django boasts allnew controls styled to match the embossed form of the front grille displaying the Peugeot Lion.

Benelli Macis 150 C.C.
Benelli Macis 150 C.C.

Life on board could not be more welcoming: first of all for the legs of the rider, who will appreciate the vast flat footboard painted the same colour as the body and protected by elegant non-slip strips to provide a firm grip for shoes and prevent any bags from sliding under strong braking.

The low seat height culminating at 770 mm means that Django is accessible for the majority of riders. The seating is comfortable and padded, depending on the universe selected, and is also very welcoming: with a 1,363 mm wheelbase and an overall length of 1,944 mm, Django is particularly roomy to ride, notably two-up when both the rider and passenger have enough comfortable space to avoid them getting in each other’s way.

As a functional scooter, Django is equipped with a 12V power socket in the glove box located on the back of the leg-shield, a bag hook, 2 bag hooks located under the seat and extensive under-seat storage space to accommodate a jet helmet.

All in all, a scooter with authentic styling that is both high-tech and practical, and perfectly adapted to daily travel in urban environments.


For those fascinated by style and who love to stand out from the crowd, Peugeot provides an answer in the 6 letters: Django. From the outset, Django has been designed to provide our clients with the maximum number of choices so that they find the scooter that most closely corresponds to their needs and desires. Accordingly, there are 2 points of access to this scooter’s customisation concept: on the one hand the various UNIVERSES and on the other hand the Django ID configuration programme.

With Allure, Sport, Evasion Heritage, Peugeot is proposing 4 predefined universes that define radically different Django styling codes and equipment levels. With this approach, the client only has to choose the engine type, the bodywork colour, and any possible accessories.

For those who want even more, Peugeot proposes a second means of access to the customisation concept with the development of Django ID, a digital scooter configurator that will enable you to customise your model and have a unique made-to-measure Django manufactured just for you: YOUR Django.

As the hyper-customisation king, by way of the Django ID configurator no fewer than 118 000 different models can be produced. They are aimed at attracting a young, male and female urban clientele with a sense of fashion, seeking to travel about easily and stylishly.

Benelli Macis 150 C.C.
Benelli Macis 150 C.C.
Benelli Macis 150 C.C.
Benelli Macis 150 C.C.
Benelli Macis 150 C.C.
Benelli Macis 150 C.C.
Benelli Macis 150 C.C.
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