Piaggio Fly 50
Piaggio Fly 50


2006 PIAGGIO FLY 150

Milage: 500 0 – 10,000 Miles

Likes: Visibility

Dislikes: Mirrors

Review: ” I bought one of the original Fly 150’s when they came to Canada. I ride this bike daily for work sometimes into December and have just over 12,000 kilometres on it. I love the fact that it has bigger wheels and a bigger feel.

Drivers can see me out their back window.

I bought heat grips which connect into my battery. Taking the body apart to wire them up was as easy as a phillips screw driver and patience.

Changing the gear box oil and oil filter is easy as well. The oil filter is a bit pricey when compared to something like a Harley. I pay about $17 and a Harleys costs about 10! Do it yourself and save money.

Youtube has some great videos. scootergirl is a good resource.

The one thing I hate is the mirrors! I find that my mirrors don’t stay in place like they used to. – Apparently this is a common lament. I just ordered myself a new pair to replace them. -(

One tip – invest in a trickle charger for your battery if you don’t ride in the winter months, or if you’re not riding for awhile. Take it out of your bike and plug it in. Otherwise you may run into a nasty surprise in the spring and have to buy a new battery.

I love my scoot and may upgrade to a 250 for a bit more speed. Either that or take the limiter off, lol.”

2008 PIAGGIO FLY 150

Milage: 500 0 – 10,000 Miles

Likes: Everything

Dislikes: Nothing

Review: ” This truly is the best scooter I’ve owned. It currently has 5200 miles. I ride it to work at least twice a week (35 miles round trip) to save money on gas (78mpg). My route to work is back country hilly roads as well as a 55mph highway. It handles the back roads and highway like a champ.

Has no problem staying at or above 55mph (66mph top speed GPS). It’s a fairly large scooter for a 150cc. certainly not for a petite person. If I had to recommend one scooter to anyone, it’d certainly be a Fly 150. ”


Milage: 0 – 1000 Miles

Likes: Handling, Comfort, Glove box, Lock on handle bars

Dislikes: A little slow on the take off

Review: ”LOVE the Fly 50! Handles very nicely, even on gravel. Has more foot/leg room than most 50cc scooters. The locking handle bars is a great feature. can’t be pushed off like most.

After driving the Fly, I’d never own a scooter with 10 tires. The soft, long seat is the most comfortable I’ve found. LOVE the FLY. ”

Milage: 0 – 1000 Miles

Likes: Everything

Dislikes: –

Review: ”I owned a 50cc scooter and I never will again. The Fly 150 is just right for my area, which is mostly city driving with some good country back roads. I could not be happier.

It is January here in northeast PA and I still drive it unless it is snowing or raining. Dress warm and the cold is nothing.”

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