Piaggio MP3 400 Sport
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Piaggio MP3 500 and MP3 Sport

Piaggio release a 500 cc Twin Spark MP3, as well they re-badge the Gilera Fuoco and rename it the MP3 Sport.

PIAGGIO MP3 500 and MP3 Sport

Piaggio is presenting 2 top performance versions of MP3, fitted with the powerful 500 Twin Spark engine to confirm the versatility and dynamism of the Piaggio 3- wheel project that has become a world-wide success.

Piaggio MP3 500

Piaggio MP3 500 is the study of a 3-wheeled vehicle dedicated to fun and wide-range tourist use. Powerful, snappy and safe, MP3 500 has an exclusive white livery and special graphics that emphasise its sporty character.

The solution is that of a “top of the range” flagship for the MP3 family, fitted with the reliable and powerful Master 492cc engine with dual ignition, 4 valves, 4 stroke with electronic injection and liquid cooling, able to supply the maximum 40 hp power at 7,250 rpm and a maximum torque of over 42 Nm at 5,500 rpm: figures that in practical terms mean thrilling performance but also great flexibility and riding comfort in all riding conditions. The use of a double spark plug system optimises the combustion inside the cylinder, with a reduction in both noise and pollutant gas emissions. The result is a flexible, high performance engine, in top form even at average and low speeds, guaranteeing the Piaggio MP3 500 i.e. the best performance levels whilst fully respecting the environment.

The style of MP3 500 i.e. echoes the modern, elegant lines of the MP3 range, representing them with a sportier feel thanks to the exclusive new white colouring.

New trim features: from the grab handle painted in glossy black, to the black rims and the saddle with its red stitching to underline the sporty nature of MP3 500 ie. And all this while still maintaining the qualities of comfort and safety that distinguish every MP3.

Comfort is guaranteed by the wide, ergonomic saddle, designed to ensure the maximum space for both rider and passenger, as well as the large windshield that provides excellent protection against wind and rain. Last but not least, the unbeatable roominess of the helmet compartment with double access (from both the saddle and the rear hatch), offering a 65-litre capacity for storing objects of up to 1 metre.

Piaggio MP3 400 Sport

MP3 Sport: performance without compromise.

Piaggio MP3 Sport, on the other hand, is the version destined for the US market, soon to be presented at EICMA with its updated graphics.

MP3 Sport was designed for those who don’t accept compromises, whether in aesthetic or technical terms. The definite forms of MP3 500 Sport, underlined by the new grey shade, express strength and character, anticipating the performance levels of the powerful 492cc single cylinder unit (the same one fitted on MP3 500).

The front view, characterised by the double wheel, highlights the steel tube bumper structure painted in an aluminium colour and with metal mesh inserts, forming a distinctly aggressive look. Apart from protecting the mechanics and the rider, this solution also offers the chance to admire the unique technology of the front suspension system. There’s a pinch of “malice” in the choice of the “naked” metal handlebar, too, and the 10-spoke black rims.

The headlight with its five elements is particularly effective (the two larger parts fitted with knock-proof protection devices derived from the off-road experience), as is the top fairing that offers aerodynamic protection along with the fairing of the leg shield, behind which a wide, comfortable footrest platform is located.

Taut and minimalist are the best words to describe the lines of the tail fairing, a combination of plastic and structures of metal tubes echoing the front part of the vehicle and forming a handy rear luggage rack, while the large saddle ensures absolute comfort for both rider and passenger thanks to its ergonomic design and the minimal difference of level between the two seats.

Piaggio MP3 400 Sport
Piaggio MP3 400 Sport
Piaggio MP3 400 Sport
Piaggio MP3 400 Sport

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