Sachs XTC 125

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danl1u2c3a4s5: my 4 stroke have a choke.

Metube865: thanks, i only know about 2 strokes atm, need to find out everything i can bout this bike as am getting it soon and i dont want to break it first day lol

Metube865: does it have a choke and need warming up before riding it anywhere. don’t now much bout 4 stroke 125’s.

kinwolee: Good luck to you make sure you have sign up to a BREAKDOWN RECOVERY

kinwolee: i have put silicon sealer around spark plug and fuel cap but water got in it somehow still. just do not buy one i cant stress how crap the bike is

mrbreckles: ive heard a lot about water messing it up when it gets into the spark plugs, any way of stopping this?

pererin7878: I own a Sachs XTC 125 and i’m very happy with her, I’m in Canary Island so i don’t have the wet spark plug problem because there isnt heavy rain here. It’s true that the built quality is a little simple and when you go more than 100 kmh for long time your ass notices that have a little vibration but i think it’s a great motorbike, it’s nice on handling for me, i can go properly in corners, that’s no problem.

There is a little video in my channel testing the cam on the fuel tank. I will do other.

SubaruWRCS11: Yes, it is a key!

markward1234: Yeah that what I used to have lol. But had a bit of bad problems with it so I recommend that, if you don’t mind the sound and possible problems of an rs125, then do it. But if you prefer a bike that looks and sounds bigger, go for this. I have never heard about that problem and have never had it myself lol.

But yeah, the rs125 will need warming up every time, whereas this won’t. Sure the rs will be faster, but the acceleration is nowhere near as good as this, and they break a lot easier.

markward1234: no 4strokes have a choke, they don’t need to be warmed up.

markward1234: okay matey, well first things first if you know how to ride you won’t break it! very reliable bike, and handles great. what would you like to know?

Steelie2006: hey mate nice nice bike i love it might get one, what exactly is wrong with these bikes??

UKRedWing: I can walk xD

UKRedWing: its mainly the newer bikes that suffer this problem, and even then its only a small amount. Ive just bought a 54 reg XTC. so will be interesting to see what happens first time out in the rain =D

kinwolee: ya the headlight should be on all the time as long as you switch the ignition on. Sorry I don’t have the orginal vid clip wit me cant you send them the web link

UKRedWing: *its mainly the older bikes

TheInstant07: mate where did you put your alarm? under the seat, just on top of the battery?

Sachs XTC 125
Sachs XTC 125

Metube865: i can ride, have RS50 so am okay with gears just about the issue that i read about so many times – water in the petrol or sumet. – that it cuts out during traffic and can these be sorted easily. Can’t decide between this n the RS125 for the speed of it. But i like the sound n look of this, and as u said the reliability

kinwolee: yes the bike look absolutely great just engine will cut in heavy rain for unknown reason. handling is crap can never go into corner properly, built quality is crap like minimoto, bike shake like crap hurting my ass. I am riding a RS125 now, it is a real bike not a cheap toy compared to the XTC. If XTC is under ВЈ700 it might worth buying but dont pay anymore as you will hate it in no time and wanna sell asap.

peechz: hey was thinking of getting one of these just wondering how the bikes been treating you because i’ve heard a lot of horror storie about this bike but its just everything i want from a 125. lool so would you recommend it?

kinwolee: Ya the XTC of course has choke but very rarely you need it to start the bike. I can confirm water does goes into somewhere in the bike and it does CUT in rain. This is the major reason I sold it because it cannot be fixed even I sealed the petrol cap and spark plug. Nothing is worse than sitting in the rain and pray to god to hope the bike start running again.

DO NOT BUY SACHS it is more crap than any asian bikes.

peechz: i want one i want one i want one i want one. EXACTLY LIKE THAT with the kl alarm system and everything loool, but i’ve been looking around l8ly and they’re soo hard to find – im in the uk btw

Steelie2006: hey there, why exactly is the bike so crap? i have heard about the water leakage but what exactly happens? am thinking of getting one they are gorgeous esp. in yellow! are they parallel twin 125cc? love it, please please tell me what is wrong