Ducati GT 1000

Premium Foam Upgrade

The Premium Foam Upgrade on the GT 1000 is shown with Black CarbonFX seating inserts and black welt / trim. The Ducati Tri-Color detail is available as an upgrade through our Custom Seat Services Division.

What is the Premium Foam Upgrade?

Years of researching and testing foam products, as well as refining our shaping techniques, have only been a part of what goes into our Premium Foam Upgrade formula.

It has been the customer feedback from the owners of specific models that has completed the equation.

The Road To Comfort.

We started by applying the concepts from the ROAD TO COMFORT that outline the importance of padding suspension, ergonomics, and seating platform shape.

Is the stock foam suspension too soft and bottoming out? Can the ergonomics be improved? How much of the body’s seating surface is supported by the seat platform?

Is there a slant in the seat angle that could be corrected?

A Case Study –

The Foam Work.

The basis of our premium foam upgrade starts with an improved foam. We use our Gel-Free Super Cell Atomic Foam – a closed-cell foam that maintains a springy suspension – even under a full load.

The Level Lines may be identified by the blue horizontal markings along the lower eadge of the seat.

Before taking knife to foam, we mark a level line on the seats while they are on the motorcycle. This helps us design a seating surface with a minimized forward slant.

Then, using a special structural support foam (dark gray), the seating surfaces are widened by approximately 1 on either side.

The DARK GRAY Structural Foam is trimmed down to the functional width in preparation for the Super Cell installation.

The Super Cell Atomic Foam may be identified by the BEIGE foam in the seating areas, and the widened areas may be identified by the foam.

Next, the Super Cell Atomic Foam is bonded into the upper 2 of the seating area, and the seating area is cut back further creating a deeper and slightly dished contour. This allows the rider to shift back further and offers more even distribution of weight and pressure over a greater area.

By using the level lines for reference, the seating platforms are leveled to help eliminate the tendency to slide forward.

The ridge or rise between the driver and passenger is raised and tapered towards the rear to minimize the passenger’s tendency to slide forward during braking conditions. Any other angles that may cut into the riders’ thighs are smoothed out.

The shape of the passenger seat takes on more a scallop contour to help keep the passenger in place during braking and acceleration.

Finally, we coat the entire seat with NBF (Nylon-Backed Foam) material. This provides a smooth finish and seals the foam composite together.

The Upholstery Work.

Before the new upholstery goes on, we apply a thin plastic moisture barrier as a final seal against moisture.

Then the custom upholstery cover is applied to the seat. The finished product is an improved seat designed for long distance riding comfort – with the same great fit and lightweight properties of the stock seat.

Ducati GT 1000

Why A Premium Foam Upgrade?

The Premium Foam Upgrade concept is two-fold:

It allows Sargent to introduce seat shapes of new World Sports seats in development prior to their release.

It also allows Sargent to offer an improved seating option for models for which a complete World Sport seat is not being developed.

Pricing and Options.

(Prices subject to change without notice.)

Pricing includes the following upholstery options:

textured vinyl inserts,

Choice of color or black welt,

Smooth, Matte Black Trim.

Leather upgrades are available at an additional charge – please call for details.

Custom Seat Services Limited Warranty

Anyone entering into a purchasing agreement for custom seat services agrees to this warranty and limitations of liability.

Ducati GT 1000
Ducati GT 1000
Ducati GT 1000
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