Suzuki DF 125 E

Specifications of the Suzuki DRZ 125


A four-stroke engine drives the DRZ 125, meaning in every crankshaft rotation the intake, compression, power and exhaust strokes occur. It has a compression ratio — the ratio of the cylinder head volume compared to the volume of the piston before and after a compression stroke — of 9.5 to 1. The engine’s cylinders have a diameter of 2.3 inches, known as the bore. Pistons travel 1.9 inches within these cylinders, commonly known as stroke.

A single overhead cam design means that the Suzuki’s camshaft is placed above the combustion chamber. As this has fewer parts than an overhead valve design, it weighs less. Fuel is delivered via a Mikuni VM20SS carburetor, and a five-speed transmission transfers the engine’s power into the wheels.


Resting on a wheelbase of 49 inches, the chassis is 72.2 inches long, 30.3 inches wide and 42.7 inches high. The bottom of the frame clears the ground by 10.2 inches and the seat is positioned 30.5 inches above ground level. The front tire is 17 inches in diameter and is encased in a tire that’s 2.8 inches wide with a sidewall height of 2.8 inches.

At the back, the tire is a little chunkier at 3.5 inches wide with a sidewall height of 3.5 inches. This, however, fits a smaller 14-inch diameter wheel. The dry weight of the DRZ125 — the weight of a vehicle once it has been drained of all its fluids, such as oil and gas — is 1,934 lbs.

The Suzuki can store a maximum of 1.3 gallons of fuel in its tank, including reserve.

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Suzuki DF 125 E

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Suzuki DF 125 E
Suzuki DF 125 E
Suzuki DF 125 E
Suzuki DF 125 E
Suzuki DF 125 E
Suzuki DF 125 E

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