Suzuki UH Burgman 125
Suzuki UH Burgman 125

Suzuki Burgman 125 VS Piaggio X9 125

Suzuki Burgman 125 VS Piaggio X9 125

Some say that they have conquered the planet… They have definitely recognized their market place niche and also, over the final couple of years, haven’t ceased to organize for battle. More than the generations, they have undergone a veritable mutation and also now, they are sharp,

actual sharp. In that dog-eat-dog world, you could have to consistently defend your turf…The Piaggio X9 125 is the moment again becoming challenged, that time, by the Suzuki Burgman. Its all about honor…and uh, earnings, too!

In the land of “Scooter-ville” there can merely be one King from the Mountain, and right here are two significant candidates!

The rather to begin with confrontation is visual. In the left hand corner, theres the X9, similar in every strategy to the 250 and also 500cc models, which we know and also adore. The more you admire her, the far more you comprehend what a beauty she is. The seasons pass and also not a proverbial wrinkle to be witnessed.

Rather modern, without having getting “avant garde”, comfy devoid of getting bulky, the X9s design perfectly reflects its customers philosophy. Absolutely nothing flashy, but very good seeking all of the similar… In the other corner, the Burgman 125 seems more angular. Like its adversary, it truly is clearly targeting the identical marketplace niche, but if they do appear somewhat alike, the 125 type from the Burgman differs from its 400 or 650cc model.

And thats specifically what we mean: if the 650cc type is impressive thanks to its dimensions, the precise opposite is often stated about its “little brother”. Compared to the Piaggio, the Suzuki seems a little bit underweight. The 2 machines are separated by a 20kg gap and it hits you head on. Every person knows that “GT” automatically indicates wonderful equipment, and also that is exactly where the variations genuinely turn out to be obvious.

The X9 on loan for our check right here is an “SL” edition, the top of the line at Piaggio. The seat is off of a 500cc, the windshield is mechanically changeable, theres an electric immobilizer technique and also emergency system, a 12 volt socket within the trunk, a cordless kit for the mobile phone, an interphone with a radio, in other words, adequate to place to shame most motorcycle manufacturers… 1 will need to admit that, with respect to equipment, the Suzuki is currently down for the count.

Suzukis large benefit is its unbelievable trunk space, which can hold two headgear. A further extremely constructive aspect, its parking brake…but that aside, the Japanese fighter comes out lagging behind. As for the control panel, the distinction could be witnessed here too. Even if its not so obvious. Suzukis presentation is well believed out, simple to study, the rider has a watch, a speed indicator, a gas gauge along with a thermometer for the motor.

In other words, practically nothing eccentric, but rather sober and also straightforward to decipher, we are able to get used to that. In the Piaggio corner, its constantly a actual show. Information is all more than the location, suitable up to the handlebars!

A speed indicator, rev-counter, gas gauge, motor thermometer as well as a complete bunch of digital info. You will need to have the manual in the event you do not want to miss anything. Its wealthy, correct, but try using some of these gadgets between 2 red lights.

On the Piaggio corner, the one-cylinder motor of the 124cc can get fifteen horsepower at 10,000 revs/minute and torque at 1.2 mkg at 8,000 revs. That is certainly a single hell of a reference, providing some great behavior at 159 kilograms of machine.Additionally a one cylinder and at 124cc here inside the Suzuki corner, however the Japanese maker comes inside a small under the Piaggios mark, twelve horsepower at 8,500 revs and also torque which follows suit: 1.12 mkg at 7,000 revs. The merely question is no matter if the twenty kilos less does not compensate for the motors inferiority.

Lets stretch our legs a little and see what those 2 rivals appear like within the “ring”, which, here, means traffic filled streets. If you thought the Burgman looked pale when motionless, it promptly gets back plenty of its color. İnitially off because of its easy operating, usually Japanese, and also since, on a entire, its lightweight, reacts effectively and is lively in visitors.

The transmission gives you fascinating acceleration possibilities as well as the brake radius, relatively small within the Suzuki product, makes it real easy to make use of, which is nice out there within the city jungle. Its a genuine town slicker, heart and soul. As could be expected, the size and weight with the X9 becomes a real disadvantage.

Suzuki UH Burgman 125
Suzuki UH Burgman 125

Bigger and also heavier than the Suzuki, the Piaggios seat is also perched some 80mm increased than its competitors. A actual bummer for the smaller amongst us, who will obtain themselves dancing Swan Lake on their toes at each light. Much less fiery at ignition, the X9 requirements extra space to express itself completely.

The Italian stallion will really feel more at household on the road as opposed to zipping by means of tiny paved roads.

Factors adjust however once more when you attempt to have those 2 animals out of their typical habitat, into some a lot more wide-open space. In such a situation, the Piaggio, thanks to its seat and its suspensions, is a lot a lot more versatile and also comes out on top. It will not be extended just before you recognize that the X9 is all about comfort and ease.

The engine, with greater extension, will allow you to flirt with some 120 km/hr, while nevertheless maintaining efficient safety. The wheels, with a larger diameter than the Suzuki Burgman, also play a stabilizing role. All of this makes Piaggio a genuine suburban babe.

This really is exactly where we feel that Suzuki throws within the towel. If it lacks in horsepower, you dont seriously discover in town driving. But as soon as you are on the road, it becomes real apparent.

At ninety kilometres and also more, the motor suffers along with the over-sized windshield does not help matters. The Burgmans suspensions and seat comfort are there to remind you of its town slicker personality.

In summary, we come out of it all wanting additional, primarily since this brand new scooter does not seem to live as much as its “Burgman” name. This being stated, it does not deserve to be banished, either. The Suzuki is just not a bad device, far from it. The Burgman line has basically turn into a logo for comfort and enjoyable riding.

Qualities that do not necessarily work together with that motorbike. We consider the issue lies additional inside a bad marketing and advertising option than in poor designing from the product itself. The Piaggio X9 wins but one more battle over its rival right here, who we feel created a mistake in advertising it. Throughout the entire comparison, the Italian product gave us the impression of peaceful strength.

While being aware of its downfalls, it plays up its huge trump cards and comes out winning, just as a superb ole 4-door sedan! But look out, the Korean side may possibly soon be offering a brand new challenger to this king of scooters.

Suzuki UH Burgman 125
Suzuki UH Burgman 125
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