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Factory Pro’s awesome new

Shift STAR kit for the M90 / VZ1500

(the M90 uses the same style shift mechanism parts as the Busa, just under the clutch assembly Instead of near the countershaft sprocket.)

Banish the Boot Shift shift forever.

Includes Factory Pro’s AWESOME Marc Salvisberg designed Detent Star kit – Changes the rough shifting the M90’s are well known for into the sweetest, smoothest shifting bike in town AND the quickest non-airshifting bike at the strip – you’ll think you bought a different bike.

Better / quicker 1-2 shifts.

Virtually eliminate missed shifts – up and down.

Quicker 3rd through top gear shifts.

Helps prevent gear and fork damage caused by missed shifts.

Perfect for drag racing and street!

You can decrease your shift kill time for better ET’s

It makes a foot shift an extremely quick event – Almost eliminate a missed 2nd gear shift (though if you try, you can still miss it. )

In fact, I’d try the Factory Pro Shift STAR Kit before I pulled the engine down to fix the gear dogs – as long as the gears aren’t damaged so much that the gears engage and then pop out at high rpm – that’s symptom of rounded gear dogs.


Factory Pro designed, refined, CNC machined, heat treated DETENT STAR, Factory Pro’s own heavy duty detent spring but NOT a new M90 clutch cover gasket. Makes shifting quicker and more positive – virtually eliminating missed shifts. The stronger detent spring rotates the shift drum quicker and the gears are more likely to engage under quick shift conditions – and lazy shifts work well, too –

The Factory Pro Microbearing removes shift drum friction for the quickest shifting and fewest missed shifts.

M 90 VZ1500 Shift STAR kit install notes:

Installation requires clutch basket removal. Impact wrench recommended

Does not require case splitting. STAR and arm are under the clutch on the RH side of the bike.

Estimated shop time: 1.0 to 2.0 hours

Suggest to do when replacing clutch plates.

Suzuki Biplane

We do not have detailed install instructions – use a Suzuki Service Manual to aid in clutch removal.

Be SURE to check that the shift detent arm does not bind when tightened up. If you shift into an upper gear, and the bike pops out of gear, consistently – That’s an indicator of a binding shift arm. Some occasional stock bikes are so afflicted.

If consistently, no matter how you shift, the bike pops out of 3rd, 4th or 5th gear, that’s an indicator of the detent mechanism binding.

If it pops out of only 2nd, and not any other gear, that’s an indicator, not of a binding shift arm, but a sign of worn gear dogs on 2nd gear and the gear it mates with and the 2nd gear shift fork.

You’ll find the binding detent arm problem of you follow the Golden Rule of shift mechanisms:

1. Turning the clutch shaft (so that the gear dogs can line up) (except Kawasakis)

2. Shift through all gears, up and down.

3.The shift star should snap into each gear with some purposefulness (when the gear dogs line up as you turn the clutch shaft).

4. If the arm doesn’t follow the star properly or anything binds, STOP. Recheck your work and the shift mechanism’s mechanicals.

5. If it doesn’t shift NOW, it won’t shift LATER, after you put everything else back together.

6. It won’t fix itself.

Suzuki Biplane
Suzuki Biplane
Suzuki Biplane
Suzuki Biplane
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