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For nearly six decades, Suzuki has been producing motorized vehicles. While the Suzuki Company was born in 1909, the company manufactured its first motorized bicycle (the Power Free) in 1952. In 1953, Suzuki vehicles won their first of many races.

That was when a Diamond Free vehicle won the 60cc event at the Mount Fuji Hill Climb. Since then, Suzuki has won several prestigious off-road motorcycle races, including: 50cc World Championship, 125 cc World Championship, 500cc World Championship, AMA Superbike Championship, World Motocross Championship and World Superbike Championship.

In fact, Suzuki has won some of the above races during consecutive years.

Throughout its history, Suzuki has created several innovations in the world of motorized vehicles. Here are some of the most noteworthy ones:

1951: Suzuki began producing motors that one could clip onto bicycles 1953: Diamond Free/innovations in wheels and transmissions 1955: Colleda COX/innovations in frames and transmissions 1965: T20 introduced/one of the fastest motorcycles in its class 1971: GT750/innovations in engines 1976: GS750/first model of its kind from Suzuki 1983: RG250/first race replica from Suzuki 1986: GSX-R750/model first sold in the U.S. 1999: SV650/Suzuki’s first semi-sport motorcycle

Suzuki accessories and suzuki recalls

Besides producing quality motorcycles, such as motocross models, several quality suzuki motorcycle accessories are also available.

Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right ones for your individual needs:

1. Get the size right for apparel

Several types of apparel are available for motocross riders, including racing jackets, racing pants, and gloves. Choosing the right size is crucial whether you’re taking your ATV for a spin in your backyard, or racing in the World Superbike Championship.

When sizing different types of apparel, they should fit snugly. Make sure to size apparel offline, before you buy it online. That’s the only way to be 100% certain that suzuki motorcycle accessories will fit the wearer as snug as a bug in a rug.

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Good to know.

So, every couple of weeks? I should drip some lube on the cables? Should they have some of this magic cable lube at say the Iron Pony (motorcycle accessories store)?

Clutch cable, throttle cable, brake cable?

Looking for reasonable prices

For such accessories as U-lock, cover for my new scooter, helmet, etc.

Can anyone recommend a good store in the city that sells stuff at reasonable prices? I’ve been to all of the scooter/motorcycle shops with big names – Scuderia West, SFMoto, etc. but I was thinking maybe there was a place I didn’t know about that had accessories for decent prices.

Oooh, I know

Trick is, the biker can’t ever buy a gremlin bell for himself – it must be a gift from a friend to be effective.

Lots come with a little tag that tells what they’re for. You’ll find them at any motorcycle dealership or bike parts/accessories store.

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