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That’s Not a Streetfighter, Now This is a Ducati Streetfighter!

There is lots of talk about the Ducati Streetfighter lately, what with the launch of the new 848 model and possible upgrade of the larger Fighter to the 1198 11º powerplant. Here at Ducati News Today we think the Streetfighter 848 will prove to be a great streetbike but Ian Foreman’s AMA Superbike 1198R powered special has the kind of unreasonable excess of performance we truly love.

Remember that scene in Crocodile Dundee when the street punks try to hold up Dundee with a flick blade and the caricature of all things Australian responds “That’s not a knife, that’s a knife” . If you don’t remember you can remind yourself with the video clip.

The same deal applies to Ian’s Streetfighter. While some Internet forums are abuzz with wailing and gnashing of teeth over the supposed sellout to the Streetfigher concept that is the 848 model, Ian’s Special makes the original Streetfighter look like a lerner legal model. What do we mean?

How about 191 bhp on the dyno for starters?

The story begins with a humble piece of carbon fiber. Ian’s girlfriend gave him a carbon rear hugger for Christmas (she’s clearly a keeper) to add to his newly purchased 2010 model Ducati Streetfighter S. That first step seemed to create an itch that couldn’t be scratched as Ian began to accumulate carbon fiber like it was gold.

The bike sports the gorgeous BST black mamba wheels, oversize air intakes, even a new carbon key lock cover. Rizoma also got some love with clear cam belt covers, brake and clutch levers, master cylinders and fuel filler cap etc…

The pièce de résistance however is clearly the engine. Ian was looking to upgrade the engine a bit but a fateful visit to Chris Boy at Moto Corse saw him end up with an ex-Larry Pegram Ducati 1198R AMA Superbike engine instead! The engine sports the stock gearbox but a lightened and balanced crank, along with titanium valves and rods. Fueling is enhanced with a Micro-Tek ECU and custom high velocity stacks. The result is 191bhp and 97 lb.ft of torque.

Ducati Streetfighter


If that wasn’t enough, a nitrous kit was fitted too. You can see the black bottle poking below the side panels in the opening photo (and much more clearly in the one below). So how does it ride Ian?

“I have not yet opened it up too much as still running it in, but the feel right from the get go was totally different to the stock motor. Raise my eyebrows and the front end comes up! Once I get a few more miles on it, I’m looking to take it Palm Beach raceway and do the standing 1/4.”

With all that performance, Ian hasn’t forgotten who got him started – his girlfriend. He has had a grab rail fabricated and a padded seat. All the better to hold on with we guess!!

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