2009 Honda DN01

2009 Honda DN-01 Base

While there are a number of scooters on the market today, few combine the sheer size and unique specifications of the 2009 Honda DN-01. For those riders looking for a larger sized bike that is still equipped with the standard features of a regular scooter, this is the motorcycle for them.

When looking at the 2009 Honda DN-01, the first thing that jumps out is the scooter’s size. While some scooters weigh in at less than 200 pounds, the Honda DN-01 has a sturdy 595-pound dry weight, making it one of the largest bikes in its class.

With a sleek plastic body and steel frame, complimented by a 63-inch wheelbase and 27.1-inch adjustable driver’s seat, many observers claim that the DN-01’s body type isn’t so much a sport or cruising bike, as much as a combination of the two. A four-gallon fuel capacity allows the rider to go great distances before filling up with gasoline, while a 0.7-gallon fuel reserve provides the rider an extra measure of safety on especially long trips. The 2009 Honda DN-01 has an electric starter and comes in two colors: candy dark red and black.

Yet, despite its powerful look, the Honda DN-01 still allows for a smooth ride once it hits the road. This motorcycle features a 130/70 ZR17 front tire and a 190/50 ZR17 rear tire, creating a balanced ride, despite the bike’s heavy weight. Also, the 11.7-inch double disc front brakes and single disc rear brake permit quick and efficient stops, even under adverse driving conditions.

The suspension and steering on the Honda DN-01 further enhance the riding experience. The DN-01’s telescopic front end suspension and 4.2 inches of front travel combine with a single-sided rear suspension and 4.7 inches of rear travel, to create a smooth ride on both the pavement and off-road surfaces too. A 28.5-inch degree rake and 4.5 inches of trail generate smooth straight-line handling on the bike.

Of course, no review of the 2009 Honda DN-01 would be complete without a discussion of its engine, which is one of the most powerful of any scooter on the market today. The 2009 DN-01 comes equipped with a four-stroke, 680cc, liquid-cooled engine, with a 10:1 compression ratio and 3.2 x 2.6 inches of bore and stroke. A continuously variable transmission allows the driver to maneuver into and out of traffic at comfortable and safe speeds.

Beyond the standard specifications, the 2009 Honda DN-01 also has many additional features to get riders excited. The bike comes equipped with a speedometer, fuel level warning gauge, tachometer, and trip odometer, in addition to standard under-seat storage to pack extra supplies for long trips. With both driver and passenger seating, a companion can enjoy a ride on the DN-01, with vinyl seat covers and foot peg locations allowing both parties to enjoy their trip in comfort.

Front and rear fenders provide an extra safety feature to protect both driver and passenger.

New For 2009

Everything. New model for 2009.

Honda DN-01
Honda DN-01
Honda DN-01
Honda DN-01
Honda DN-01
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