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2012 Brammo Enertia Plus

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Brammo is an American company based in Oregon that makes electric vehicles, including the 2012 Brammo Enertia Plus electric motorcycle. The Enertia Plus is an enhanced version of the Enertia motorcycle that improves on the battery charge length, as this is one of the main concerns of anyone that is considering purchasing any electric vehicle. The longer the battery charge, the further the distance travelled.

Of course, all battery ranges are affected by factors other than just running the vehicle.

With the launch of the Brammo Enertia Plus, the company claims that the battery has a range of 40 to 80 miles. This is an increase of 100 percent over the battery found in the standard Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle. The battery found on the 2012 Brammo Enertia Plus is a 6kWh battery that can provide approximately 40 miles of high-speed, rUral commuting, 60 miles of suburban and rUral commuting, and 80 miles of city commuting.

As well as speed, other factors that affect the range of the battery include head wind, acceleration, the surface of the road, stopping and starting, elevation changes, and the weight of the rider and any cargo.

The 2012 Brammo Enertia Plus has a low maintenance motor and powertrain. The motor is a sealed, brushless AC with permanent magnets. The battery is surrounded by an extruded-aluminum frame.

There is no clutch or gearbox, but a chain and sprocket run the electric bike. Lastly, the entire bike is wrapped in bodywork that is rounded and gives the Brammo Enertia Plus a futuristic look.

The front suspension of the Brammo Enertia Plus is a compression-adjustable Marzocchi fork, which has given the electric bike a much tighter turning radius. This makes it a lot easier to maneuver the Brammo Enertia Plus in close quarters. The rear suspension contains an Elka rear shock to help absorb bumps from the road surface and improve the comfort and quality of the ride.

Brembo hydraulic front and rear brakes provide plenty of stopping power even when the electric bike is travelling at higher speeds.

Brammo Enertia Plus
Brammo Enertia Plus

The 2012 Brammo Enertia Plus is a good option for new motorbike riders. The amount of power from the battery is plenty to provide ample acceleration in most situations. The fact that there is no clutch or gearbox to worry about means that riders can focus on learning the skills of riding a bike without the added confusion of mastering gear changes.

The seat is low enough that most riders will be able to put their feet firmly on the ground when the bike is stopped. The handlebars give the rider an upright position that provides great visibility.

Charging the 2012 Brammo Enertia Plus is done through the use of an onboard charger. A green light on the instrument cluster indicates that the battery is charged and ready to be ridden. A charge remaining gauge is also included on the instrument cluster so riders will know just how much longer the 2012 Brammo Enertia Plus can be ridden before it has to be plugged in using the supplied battery cord.

Fully charging the Brammo Enertia Plus will take about four hours.

New For 2012

The 2012 Brammo Enertia Plus remains unchanged from the 2011 model.

Brammo Enertia Plus
Brammo Enertia Plus
Brammo Enertia Plus
Brammo Enertia Plus

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