Vespa ET2 50

Vespa ET 2 Scooter Specifications

General Information

The ET2 scooter retailed for approximately $3,000. Similar to its classic cousins, the ET2 body consisted of a pressed steel — monocoque — frame with the inside hollow so that electrical wiring and control cabling could travel through the body during installation. This cavity approach also allowed storage of the fuel tank under the seat. The scooter weighed in at 214 lb. and the seat height from the ground was 31 inches. The scooter ran on unleaded fuel, with 90 octane recommended.

The tank held 2.4 gallons. The scooter was rated at 65 mpg. Control and acceleration of the scooter was managed with a twist-and-go design, where the user simply had to pull back on the throttle to accelerate.

No manual gear shifting was involved.

Engine Details

The European version of the ET2 was distributed as a standard two-stroke engine, with oil and gas mixed together similar to the vintage scooter design. The engine produced 5.1 horsepower from an approximate 50 cc displacement barrel. The American ET2 was constructed with a four-stroke engine to respond to stricter emission laws. Again, the barrel displacement was a 50 cc design, producing the same horsepower.

Standard 5W-40 engine oil was used for lubrication. The engine had two starting mechanisms: an electronic starter and manual kick-starter pedal. The ignition system for spark was modernized, using a CDI ignition approach similar to the P-series Vespas.

The engine cooling system used a forced air design, similar to the classic Vespas.

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Vespa ET2 50
Vespa ET2 50

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Vespa ET2 50
Vespa ET2 50
Vespa ET2 50
Vespa ET2 50
Vespa ET2 50
Vespa ET2 50
Vespa ET2 50
Vespa ET2 50
Vespa ET2 50
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