Vespa GTV 250ie Review

What sets the GTV aside from the closely related GTS are the details. The $900 difference purchases you a rounded, uncomplicated, virtually fashionable analogue gauge cluster with low profile windscreen, a beautifully detailed split leather seat, a complicated iridescent metallic gray paint scheme that gives off a purple/pink highlight inside

the sun as well as the pice de resistance, naked chrome handlebars and also a fender mounted headlamp in the history of the original Vespa of the 40′s. It’s all extremely elegant.

As with every Vespa scooters, each fashionable and modern, the GTV is built as a metal body, monocoque frame. Using a monocoque design permits for lighter, more ridged construction than a common welded pipe frame covered in a non-load-bearing fairing. The added rigidity maximizes tracking and control though decreasing vibration.

Lots of modifications and advancements have been witnessed in 60 years, but the frame remains.

The Vespa GTV 250 is among the lightest scooters in its class, weighing in at 322 lbs it only edges out the Aprilia SportCity 250 by 4.3 lbs. The GTV also has one of the shortest wheelbases in it class at 54.9 ins. These two features combine to create that moped among the most maneuverable 2 wheelers readily available.

Town streets are her playground. A forty mph slalom about potholes and people on the streets are all element of the fun. The GTV, like her GTS sister, handles these roads with a particular forgiveness teetering on nonchalance. The tactile feedback of street is exchanged for a whimsical smooth; almost a lighthearted waltz down the road, which means you couldn’t choose to take 1 on the race track.

Okay! She’s doing what she was built for.

With her 244cc, fuel injected, Piaggio Quasar motor making about twenty-two bhp, the GTV is appropriate for brief highway runs, though I don’t advocate it for the weak at heart. The tiny, 12-inches wheels usually do not supply a powerful sense of stability at her prime speeds (seventy six miles per hour). I unwittingly rode mine on California’s 405 for about twelve miles in light, midday visitors and did not have to get a cup of coffee for the next 2 days.

The adrenaline double latte did the job pretty nicely. Subsequent time I’ll stick using the Pacific Coast Highway. That is a beautiful ride.

Acceleration was adequate and matched the relaxed handling characteristics with a 13.84 zero to 60. Your time may perhaps differ, but this was the result of a one test on a flat surface with a broad shouldered, 200-pound guy sitting upright on a straightaway.

Stopping power is provided by 2 substantial (8.66″) hydraulic disk brakes within the front and rear and they do a swell job of keeping things beneath control. Also, take a superb look at these stainless- rims.

One of the greatest features on all Vespa scooters will be the roomy floorboard protected by a wide leg shield. It enables the rider a range of foot positions, and also extra stowage space for things like groceries or a backpack. You may ride together with your knees bent and feet tucked below you or stretch out with your feet in the back of the leg shield.

There’s a foldout hook to maintain things in place and because you can find no foot controls you are able to use your legs to maintain things steady without fear of covering a foot brake (like I have on my old Vespa at dwelling). I frequently use a big ski boot backpack to haul stuff about and the modern Vespa is one of the couple of scooters that makes it possible for me to do so perfectly without fear of losing the gear or control of the motorcycle.

One more feature that is specially handy for cold weather riders may be the leg shield exhaust grill. Warm air from the radiator is forced in behind the front wheel and out close to your legs. Add a moped lap apron (yes, that’s a actual accessory) and you happen to be in for a warm and toasty commute; as long as you’re cold and confident sufficient to put on such a device.

I’d do it, however it does not get cold or wet enough to require one here in Texas.

If you happen to be to have one complaint in regards to the GTV, you may well say the split seat does not let for adequate seat position wide variety like you might have on the 1 piece seat of the GTS. I’ll say for myself, the split seat did not trigger an issue and I’m 6’2″. You will have to judge this for oneself.

Other capabilities

As you go more than the GTV you really begin to determine the extra effort and time the Italians put into her style. The traveler foot pegs are polished steel and fold nicely in to the physique, forming a complimenting accent to her chrome-trimmed physique panels. Even the exhaust looks fantastic!

So frequently it looks like producers will only stick an off-the-shelf pipe on their scooters and call it per day. The Vespa has an exhaust that matches the profile of the engine cowl and is accented by a stylish chrome heat shield. Vespa contains front and rear reflectors which are set nicely alongside of the moped and do not appear like afterthoughts to fit American Department of transportation needs.

You will see what I imply if you have a look at other scooters: tacked on reflectors, turn signals, etc. They all mess using the aesthetics.

The GTV also consists of a gorgeous, spring-loaded back rack for the briefcase (please don’t tie a milk crate on there!), and a lockable glove box inside the front leg shield with room for the swift access items like gloves, goggles, garage door opener (and those are just the G items). Under the seat there’s lockable storage space for the helmet, camera case, water bottle and far more.

The total carrying capacity of the GTV is rather impressive contemplating the diminutive stature of this effective small scoot. Oh, along with the details. Look under the front of the seat.

See that little space that looks like it’s filled with some type of plastic bag? That is truly a rain proof, protective seat cover.

With all that, you could have issues around ways to keep your little gem from acquiring nicked. There’s no surefire way to avoid thievery, but to help deter thieves there is a lock loop attached towards the bottom frame (below the floorboard) for your choice of chain or cable lock and you could normally add a disc lock for an added sense of protection.

General, absolutely nothing felt short-changed. Each and every piece I examined came together flawlessly to make this exquisite rolling sculpture. As a roadworthy vehicle, any recognized flaws are by design.

Nobody can anticipate a motorbike with twelve inches wheels to be a great every day road commuter. The forgiving suspension is just not going to please a sport motorbike racer, but in the event you are looking for potent and trendy town transportation and if you take pleasure in the quality things in life (a device constructed with timeless Italian style and proven Piaggio superior) then you may find the Vespa GTV 250 to be the pinnacle of the motor scooter world. Its that and 68mpg!

Oh, and one last factor. If you’re a bit frightened of the price tag (over $8000 out of the door) you might usually examine her small sister the GTS 250. If you determine you’d rather wait around for a used 1, very good luck! I have not noticed 1 but.

Any person? An individual wanna make me a great deal on a GTV? I will take good care of her!

Vespa GTV
Vespa GTV
Vespa GTV
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