Buell Lightning XB9S

What can you do with a buell xb9s?

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The XB9S is a pretty good bike, but it could be alot better, it will not stand up to the Ducati. An XB12 can hold it’s own with the Ducati, with very little modifications.

I don’t know whether or not you are an experienced rider. If you are, you won’t be happy with the 9, you would want the 12. The 9. however, would be an excellent choice for a beginner rider.

Not too much power, but, not too little either.

As far as performance options, the best thing you can do is to put on the Buell Factory Race Exhaust, KN Filter, and a Daytona Twin Tec Fuel Controller (http://www.daytona-twintec.com/Twin_Tune… You DEFINITELY want to have to bike dyno TUNED, not just tested. There are alot of other performance mods that can be done, but the bike itself is not worth the time and cost involved.

If you REALLY want a performance Buell. you want the new 1125R.

I will testify, contrary to what MANY people here will tell you, that the 1125R is HANDS DOWN one of the BEST ENGINEERED Sport Bikes ever designed. I am service and sales certified for Buell’s, I have ridden them on the street and the track. The new BUELL ENGINEERED AND DESIGNED engine, built by Rotax, is one of the hottest V-Twin Sport Bikes on the road.

140+HP, 80+FT/LBS of Torque (comparable to alot of the import in-line 4’s. and this is a V-TWIN). But the engine is not what is the best design, it’s the Buell Chassis, Wheels and Brake System that make the bike.

Buell Lightning XB9S
Buell Lightning XB9S

It was specifically designed for rider comfort, position and ergonomics, very light, high strength frame with no flex, extremely low unsprung weight with wheel/tire assemblies that can be picked up and carried with one finger, a ZTL (Zero Torsional Load) Braking System with RIM mounted Rotors and internal calipers (this means NO FRONT FORK TWISTING when braking hard on the front), the exhaust is UNDER the engine to keep the weight under you and the fuel is located in a lower postion all to keep the weight distribution low for super quick handling. Most of what I just mentioned goes against how all the Japanese Sport Bike Manufacturers build their bikes and have convinced their riders their machines are the absolute best. well. to each is own. but I can tell you that I have seen more than a few R1 and GSXR riders hop off a test ride on an 1125R and say.

WOW. Now THAT’S how a bike is SUPPOSED to handle.

Hope this helps. Go check out a Buell Dealership.


20yr HD Tech. MMI Grad 1991 and 2009. Factory trained by HD (Buell Certified), Big Dog, American Ironhorse, Titan and Indian

Buell Lightning XB9S
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