Harley-Davidson XR 1200 Concept

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Contact BSARACER @ Yahoo.com

Ask about the XR for sale

Contact Phil and ask him if he knows of any

Also. ask him how to get ahold of Tommy Connors /TC Racing.

He might have one or know of some for sale

I dunno how to get ahold of Carl Patrick either.

Contact this guy ask.

Hank dont fool w/ bikes much anymore. but he might have a lead on an XR.

And he should know how to contact Carl Patrick. he might have some XR’s or know of some

Mert makes a 1200 street tracker. it’s unique.

That’s what I’d recommend if ya want something you can actually ride around enjoy.

I got my very 1st XR750 from Mert,,it was always my fastest and one of the fastest in the country for a long,long time.

His website can be goofy sometimes,I think his brother makes it.

Email: Mlawwill40@aol.com

I dunno if that’s still valid. should be though.

Great Question. I learned a bunch of things about XR’s here I did not know.

I only spent less than 10 yrs as a XR crew chief. and left just a couple years before OB retired.

I had no idea Harley still makes XR’s for special people.

I thought they only made motor kits in-pieces sold them straight outa the catalogue.

Never knew there were ANY XR’s in the ’60’s.

I always was under the impression there were only KR’s and XLR’s.

Then in 70 came the Destroked XLR that burned motors like most bikes burn gasoline.

That POS was called an XR. it cost HD the Championship.

and is what let us rise to AMA Class C dominance when I was at Yamaha.

They were so bad. I remained totally skeptical when the ’72 was released and stayed with Yamaha.

By the 2nd year. The real XR’s were going so freakin fast I finally became convinced that Yamaha was a lost cause.

And so I got the XR Miler from Mert

I always was under the impression. they were only made in scheduled production about 4 batches/runs/years or whatever between ’72 and ’85.

Harley-Davidson XR 1200 Concept

And just a 100 or so per year.

600 Total?

Never realized there were 1000’s of them around

Motors ,frames,and everything else is pretty easy to find.

Not that big a deal to build a decent XR.

If ya wanna working bike. you really need a modern mono-shock.

For an authentic nostalgia trip. the early twin shockers are the way to go in my opinion

I’m way,way outa the loop these days. so I cant tell you exactly who at the moment has a decent one for sale.

Wish I could offer more help,,but any little I ever knew about them from a decade of making a living with them. has long since been tossed in the waste bin forgotten.

Good ol’ bikes though. put EVERYBODY outa dirttrack racing biz. then kept getting faster.

Mine never failed to qualify

never failed to transfer outa the heats to at least a Semi-,

and never failed to finish any race. except a couple crashes

Anyway,,good luck in your hunt


I’m just a typical Yahoo Dumbass.

Harley-Davidson XR 1200 Concept
Harley-Davidson XR 1200 Concept
Harley-Davidson XR 1200 Concept
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