Yamaha MT-03

Yamaha MT-03: Gromono is back!

January 12, 2012 | Filed under: Yamaha | Posted by: Rana Abaidullah

They had almost forgotten. But changes in customs regulations and helping, the monos are back! After BMW, Aprilia and Honda, Yamaha confirms the trend with this unconventional Yamaha MT-03.

On the menu, a mix of roadster and supermotard, grip obvious and especially a very big engine for attaching a real reservoir of pleasure and versatility … without torturing the tachometer.

Yamaha MT-03: first test

The new Yamaha MT-03 is actually an alternative to its big sister MT01. Growing again this radical style roadster, this time Yamaha wanted to earmark this machine very compact to a wide audience, an average engine able to offer its own set of emotions without having to play with pure speed. A motorcycle is easy and lively, led by a generous torque from 660 cm3 of the block that drives the last XT.

The visual side of his radical older sister has been preserved, so it reminds me of the exclusive style of Buell XB9. One can indeed find some similarities in their concept of small motorcycles roaring, the Yamaha MT-03 relying more on a geometry close to the supermotard.

Everything on the front

At first glance, the massive silhouette in the front and thin at the back, decorated with carved tops and two silencers as megaphones, does not deny his family origins, signed MT. The Yamaha MT-03 combines the elegance of the mechanical behavior roadster and feel of supermoto. The finish is polished, as evidenced by some elements of beautifully crafted.

Note, for example, supports the small lighthouse in elliptical cast aluminum, the stools like suede to the touch “ velvet. “ the protections of brushed aluminum shell and shock-controlled side the massive aluminum swingarm, not to mention the clever oil tank placed just under the radiator.

All these good finishes give a very “ metal “ which emanates a sense of confidence and strength. At first contact, I am surprised by its very low seat height. It seems very large tank excavated face which swells the shoulders. Moreover, this 15-liter tank is widely felt between her legs, we would have liked a little more notch at the knees.

The saddle actually low but very ergonomic and comfortable, “ pushes “ the driver on the front, compared to the ergonomics of the most central traditional roadsters. The handlebars off the Yamaha MT-03 is strengthening its position in the final steering very supermotard! The footrests are also placed high enough so as to make the ground clearance.

It ends up very “ together “ on board, which leads me to believe that the big guys will feel perhaps a little cramped.

For my part, my top 1.74 m, I was fully installed, with orders falling well under the feet and hands. This bike is carefully calibrated, so that should delight the smaller-framed bikes in search of low and light. The spirit MT is required even in options and proof, the catalog also offers a beautiful pair of Akrapovic silencers in titanium finish very brutal. The passenger has not been abandoned due to the relatively large surface area of ​​the saddle and long handles that line.

It is retractable and releases a compartment for a U standard size.

Playful and rigorous

No need for manual starter, injection runs cold food and the bike starts instantly despite the small 10 degree morning. Immediately, two bazookas under the buttocks deliver a sound very “ road “ and no less unexpectedly on a roadster! These vibrations contribute to the personality of this bike, with that feeling we’re going to have fun. In the first, the runaway single flexible, the bike is very easy at low speeds.

Knocks to own this type of motor are not made too feel. Instead, the humming vibration is filtered, but leaves something to feel this heart beat so special that feeds the character rendering of the Yamaha MT-03 . Chain reports confirms my first impressions. The generous torque makes the engine very much alive, well managed by the box that locks out the five-speed.

Yamaha MT-03

The answer to the throttle is instantaneous and not lose a single half-second before sending everything he can diced 2 000 r / min. We are very far from the behavior of 600 four-cylinder roadsters, their power and their high-pitched sensations … For its part, the Yamaha MT-03 is immediately available shows while its 4-valve single retains sufficient flexibility for precise metering of the acceleration.

Even when he screwed the handle “ corner “ . it does not just propel the Yamaha MT-03 the winding road.Against part of the genre, it pulls strongly and linearity up to its maximum speed, it does not extend more than 7500 rev / min, and then forced to move quickly to reports about 165 km / h. Of course, face a four-cylinder, the Yamaha MT-03 is no weight on highways. So what?

That is not a playground This Yamaha prefers urban and small winding mountain roads or on the beach, where the spontaneous motor will make the difference. Especially since this bike has been designed to favor maneuverability and agility, or a clear driving and fun for all. To do this, the technicians have centered on the front of the masses, a guarantee of accuracy, and shortened the wheelbase for increased responsiveness.

The result speaks for itself. Even the lever arm of the large comfortable handlebar participates in setting the angle quickly and accurately. A few times I felt on a true supermotard, to the point of wanting to get your foot in the corner! In town, the Yamaha MT-03 slips effortlessly into the holes of mice and sways from left to right on the touch of a handlebar.

For their part, suspensions provide the necessary firmness in the corners, absorb properly inequalities of the road while managing with sufficient brutality smooth engine braking. Comfortable, the Yamaha MT-03 is suffering primarily from inadequate protection tale wind, something that apparently did not raise the attention of Yamaha. The brakes are also enhancing its image, with a very good feel and plenty of power.

She has a future!

At the end of the first taken in hand, we must recognize that this small MT shows a very promising record. It filled me with happiness on these very twisty roads ( and selective … ) the Spanish coast, thanks in part to agility and roadholding promising. So I found myself taking crazy angles without losing an ounce of trust, while playing its friendly torque out of corners. As well as its aesthetic stresses, the Yamaha MT-03 is a fun bike to ride and really accessible.

Hopefully the price will be more attractive than the four-cylinder roadsters full of power and technology.

The “ small “ Yamaha has for its part arrive in dealerships in December 2005. We remember the 660 and other SRX SRZ which in time had not been successful. Changes of manners, profiles of biker and road regulations helping the cylinder back to the road could very front of the stage.

BMW . Aprilia and Honda have already worked in this direction. The Yamaha MT-03 has everything to reinforce this trend, and it is hoped that the famous Derbi Mulhacen from home … Confirmation in the coming weeks on the forums and of course the maxitest ms.

Yamaha MT-03
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