Bimota Vyrus 985 C3 4V

10 most expensive production motorcycles in the world

Supercars and hypercars commanding a price tag in crores isn’t unheard of but what about their two-wheeler counterparts? Are they equally pricey? ZigWheels takes a look at the 10 most expensive (not to mention insane) production motorcycles in the world!

World’s top 10 most expensive production bikes. In Pictures!

Supercars and hypercars commanding a price tag in crores isn’t unheard of but what about their two-wheeler counterparts? Are they equally pricey? ZigWheels compiles a list of the 10 most expensive production motorcycles in order of their price increase

10) Vyrus 987 C3 4V V (Volumex) [Price. $1,03,769 (Rs 57 lakh)]. If Bruce Wayne had to buy a motorcycle then the Vyrus 987 C3 4V V would be definitely his weapon of choice. Instead of traditional steering arrangement where forks are used up-front, the Vyrus employs hub-centre steering and front swingarm which is parallel to the tarmac.

The bike is powered by a Ducati-sourced 1198cc V-twin engine which has been further supercharged to pump out 214PS of power while weighing just 154kg.

9) MV Agusta F4CC [Price. $1,20,000 (Rs 66 lakh]. The MV Agusta F4CC is powered by a 1,078cc mill that’s competent enough to pump out 203PS of power — enough for the bike to propel to a top speed of 315km/h. Only 100 examples of the F4CC would be built and with every bike the owner would be gifted a Girard-Perregaux Laureato EVO3 F4CC wristwatch worth $22,856 or Rs 12.5lakh, which, in turn, is limited to 100 units.

8) NCR MH TT (Mike Hailwood) [Price. $ 1,30,000 (Rs 71.38lakh)]. The MH TT is NCR’S tribute to commemorate the 30th anniversary of legendary racer of Mike Hailwood’s victory at the Isle of Man. The MH TT is a modern replica of the Ducati 900 NCR on which Hailwood recorded his famous win.

The 1,120cc engine pumping out 132PS is nestled in a titanium frame which weighs a mere 5kg.

7, Confederate B120 Wraith [Price. $1,35,000 (Rs 74.12 lakh)]. For Confederate, functional minimalism is of utmost importance and with the Wraith they took it to the next level. The aircraft-inspired chassis consists of a carbon fibre spine complemented by aluminium bulkheads sandwiching the engine.

The fuel tank is located under the motor, while the front suspension shuns conventional telescopic forks in favour of a blade-type girder arrangement.

6, NCR Leggera 1200 Titanium Special [Price. $ 1,45,000 (Rs 79.57lakh)]. NCR’s belief is that everything can be improved upon, made lighter and pack more performance and that’s the treatment they have given to the Hypermotard with the Leggera 1200.By using carbon-ceramic brakes and a body which has been sculpted from carbon fibre, the bike weighs 47kg lighter than the stock bike. Engine modifications include more titanium for the valves, magnesium engine covers and bigger bore cylinders which have resulted in a total power output of 140PS.

5, Icon Sheene [Price. $ 1,72,000 (Rs 94.39 lakh)]. For the Barry Sheene tribute bike, Icon utilised a 1,400cc Suzuki mill which was mated to a a Garrett turbocharger running at 0.4 bar pressure resulting in a final power out put of an incredible 253PS. It features a custom made tubular aluminum frame, a fuel tank made from hand-beaten aluminum and hand-laid carbon fibre body panels.

Production is limited to only 52 examples.

Bimota Vyrus 985 C3 4V

4, MTT Y2K Superbike [Price: $ 1,75,000 (Rs 96 lakh)]. MTT employed a Rolls-Royce-Allison Model 250 turboshaft engine from a helicopter to power this behemoth! The stock engine pumps out an astounding 324PS of power but if you want to go full bonkers, there is the Streetfighter variant with an insane power output of 426PS and a torque rating of 678Nm!

All these numbers mean the Y2K boasts a top whack of 365km/h which can put many hypercars to shame.

3, NCR Macchia Nera [Price. $ 2,25,000 (Rs 1.23 crore)]. The Macchia Nera or Italian for ‘black spot’ is designer Aldo Drudi’s ultimate expression of a motorcycle moulded with carbon fibre and titanium. The donor engine for the Macchia Nera is a Ducati 998R testastretta engine from the 2003 World Superbike season with a power rating of 182PS.

By employing lightweight materials, the Macchia Nera’s weight was restricted to just 135kg.

2, NCR M16: [Price. $232,500 (Rs 1.27 crore)]. How to make a bike worth nearly quarter of a million dollars? Simple; by taking a donor bike which is already expensive in this case the already bonkers MotoGP bike for the road, the Ducati Desmosedici RR and went berserk with it resulting in the creation of the NCR M16.

The bike has been put on a diet that would make any size zero model burn with envy as the machine weighs just 144kg. The engine has also been tuned extensively and delivers over 203PS of power on the rear-wheel.

1, Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX: [Price. $ 3,00,000 (Rs 1.64 crore)]. Ecosse Moto Works is renowned for its exquisite and exclusive motorcycles and its latest creation in the Titanium Series the Ti XX is billed as the most expensive motorcycle in the world. The motorcycle is powered by a 2,409cc billet aluminium powerplant and transmits 228PS of power to the rear wheel.

Carbon fibre has been used abundantly on the bike to keep the weight low and the saddle has been handcrafted by posh Italian leathermaker Berluti. To keep the bikehighly exclusive, only 13 units would ever be made.

Bimota Vyrus 985 C3 4V
Bimota Vyrus 985 C3 4V
Bimota Vyrus 985 C3 4V
Bimota Vyrus 985 C3 4V
Bimota Vyrus 985 C3 4V
Bimota Vyrus 985 C3 4V
Bimota Vyrus 985 C3 4V
Bimota Vyrus 985 C3 4V
Bimota Vyrus 985 C3 4V
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