Ducati Supersport 1000 DS

1000ss DS Ducati single seat high exhaust Supersport review test. Ducati’s most underrated bike.

It was a conversation with the well known Ducati specialists – the Baines brothers that first alerted me to the Ducati 1000ss DS – on their recommendation I started looking at this less well known and underrated motorcycle – they suggested that I try out this model as it was a seriously good bit of Ducati kit – and was I fortunate to take their steer on this – what a bike.

This one came with next few miles, mega condition and a great spec. Ducati single seat, high carbon exhaust from the Ducati Performance (Remus) catalogue with matching chip.

The 2006 model came with the new twin spark DS engine, new swing arm design, 94.4 BHP. Sounds fantastic with the long stroke engine boom which is unique to the 2v motor – proper rolling thunder! Do not confuse this bike as being a bored out 900ss – it is a totally different bike with the different DS engine ( as used in the Multistrada and Hypermotard .

A classic Ducati in the making and a seriously underrated bike – capable af holding its own on short track with ducati 1098s and current Japanese bikes with fare more BHP. Living proof that torque is better than BHP in the real world. This machine will still compare positively with current super bikes in handling and braking. Very few of these sold in the UK, so is already rare – less than 100 on the DVLA register list.

Probably did’nt sell well as the younger guys wanted the more glamourous ,1098s and Ducati pulled it from its line up with the introduction of the Retro bikes.

I still think there is a need for a less aggressive sports bike in the Ducati range, This is the last of the air cooled twin, two valve engines used in the SS range. This DS motor is currently also used in the Paul Smart range. Twin spark engine with Marinelli fuel injection 992cc, Ohlins fully adjustable rear shock and a pretty decent Showa forks with plenty of adjustment, Marchiseni black wheels, carbon Ducati Performance ( Remus ) high exhausts, Ducati Performance single seat conversion, Brembo Gold line brakings as standard – very powerful with great feedback.

In my opinion a full red paint job does not do justice to this Pierre Tereblanch design and so will benefit from split blocks of paint which totally change visual appearance of this bike.

Break up the heavy slab of red with a white block and a dark lower fairing and presto we have the bike that Ducati should have originally offered. Amazingly quick on the track due to a combination of flat torque curve through the rev range and decent real world BHP + decent handling and braking. Recent quick blast saw 145 MPH and it gets there as quick as my 996,

On a good day you might squeeze a few more out of her but tuning or a re-map would be required to top 155 mph.

Ducati Supersport 1000 DS

Dont take my word for the performance – check out this footage where it hangs in fine with a 1098 – interesting, as it must have about 70 less BHP. Paste the following Youtube link into your browser and prepare to be impressed.

Cant find it? just type Supertwins Motorcycle Race in Youtube

Buy one now, enjoy it and keep it.

I hope my review / test helps – all comments welcome.

Designed by Pierre Terblanche this bike is an acquired taste and like many of his other designs tend to stand the test of time and grow in stature when looked at in retrospect. One also must see that Ducati probably didnt want any serious competition coming from this bike for its performance machines hence the restrained / subdued styling / power. Tuning with Pistal high comp pistons and a cam will produce about 105 BHP at the rear wheel. To sum it up, if you want grunt everywher, with style, sounds, handling and breaking this is a great choice .

The riding position is quite comfortable compared to a 916/996/998 – actually the closest comparison would be 90s model 900ss for riding position comparison. This bike would be fine for occasional sport touring.

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