Husqvarna 400

suprize Husqvarna

Location: Bendigo, Australia Husqvarna Motorcycle: wr 400 Other Motorcycles: ktm 300

Hi Guys, thought i would throw some pics and details of my current build job.

i have put a couple of pics up in the my bikes section T started but here is some more detail!

in 1984, i purchased a spanking new 240 wr. ol mate had picked up dealership and to get a few on the ground, he gave me good deal. Having owned PEs and KDX’s at the time, the husky was a bit wierd but i got the hang of it. the water pump became a serious issue within 12 months and i eventually sold it to someone over the phone while travelling around Aus.

suprize Husqvarna

AA Class

Location: Bendigo, Australia Husqvarna Motorcycle: wr 400 Other Motorcycles: ktm 300

on we go. Looking at the bike i was struck by two things. 1. the size of the back tyre, it was a 5.60! a huuuge tyre for a 240. 2nd was the barrel, looked awfull big to me.

The local husky man assured me the numbers ere for 240? something was not right.

i got it home and realised that the plan to get it running then steadily do it up was out the door and plan b was enacted.

All the rubber mounts were torn, every thing held on with zip ties and wire. the shock bushings and wheel bearings and swing arm pivots were all solid and the chain and sprockets looked good. No leaking fork seals and shocks. The tank was sitting on the bike but no mounts and the there was no airfilter.

A full strip down and rebuild was commenced.

i ripped into the basics, plastics off, wheels out forks out and triple clamps removed. Shocks off, swingarm out, pipe off and radiators out. All but one of the upper mount brackets were broken

I slipped the tape measure into the exhaust port and hmmm this is bigger than it should be. Ripped the head off and an 83.5 mm pistons tells the story. A 400. you ripper!

Husqvarna 400

As with all good news, a bucket of cr*p soon arrives to spoil your day and on removing the front sprocket, i was greeted with the missing coolant! what a bummer, i didnt plan on a motor teardown!

Out it came, stripped all the electrics and finished off the swingarm by tearing off the chain guide, and roller.

Pulled the water pump down and what a mess. ripped the clutch cover off and sent it in to get waterblasted to assess damage.

The side stand bracket had been torn off at some time so the area was ground smooth for a new item to be welded on.

Ripped the front tyre off the rim and what great sight, original rim tape, clean as a whistle spokes and check out that drum, just like new one. Didnt even bother painting the hub.

forks were mix of good and bad. one was perfect, clean as a whistle inside while the second one was full of rusty poo and sludgy oil. the damping washer had failed and the spring was rusty.

sent the shox for repair and the springs to the powdercoaters

Whipped a heap of old bolts into the threads on the frame and sent it and a whole lot of alloy bits to the powder coaters and all the bolts, allen heads and bits and pieces to the platers for zinc plating.

Time to start purchasing parts and cleaning the cleanable. I used Nifti, a real old school cleaner thats good on plastics and stuff, got rid of the grime nicely. time to wrap up for now.

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