For people who are passionate about cars, A.J Foyt and Mario Andretti are two of the best known drivers in the world. They have changed the face of the sport of car racing. Now, the two professional drivers are no longer in any competition, so they are using their talent, skills, and connections to try to make a difference in the world.

A.J Foyt was born in 1935, and after years of being inside a car he decided that he needed to leave the road open for new drivers. He won all the major competitions at least a few times, and he managed to keep his family united at the same time by having several adopted sons. He is not racing anymore, but he is spending his time with his family or teaching young students everything they need to know about car racing.

Mario Andretti is an Italian American driver who was born in 1940. He maintained his career as one of the best drivers in the world until 1982 when he drove his car as a professional driver for the last time. In 1978 he won his last title, and that was the time when he decided that he is not going to participate in competitions for much longer. Only 4 years later, he made the decision to end his career, but his legacy will be always appreciated by fans of racing. He is now retired from public life and although he still keeps in touch with many drivers, he does not want to get behind the wheel again.