Norton Cafe Racer 750


All CRA gas tanks are intended for show or race application and are not guaranteed suitable/legal for street use. Until recently our fiberglass tanks were unaffected by the ethanol in today’s gasoline, something has changed in the gasoline and this is no longer true.

At this time all fiberglass tanks have been sold and will not be restocked until we are sure they will stand up to modern gas, We expect to have a limited number of aluminum tanks of the same pattern as those shown below in the near future. All alloy tanks are not equal and we have heard of, and seen, to many deficiencies in the more readily available alloy tanks. We prefer to buy from suppliers that have proven themselves to us, even if the supply is erratic.


Norton’s very successful Manx single cylinder racer provided the styling inspiration for many of the 60’s cafe racers with the original Tritons being Triumph 500 engines fitted in a Manx rolling chassis. The featherbed frames and forks of the race and street models were very similar, so adapting Manx cycle parts to street models was easy. The style became so popular that Manx pattern tanks and seats were offered to fit a variety of BSA and Triumph models.

The Manx style has lost none of its appeal with time and is still the most popular vintage cafe look.

Manx 5 Gallon Pattern Tank – A fiberglass copy of the factory tank to fit either slimline or wideline frames. The tank features a Monza type filler cap, outlets for two petcocks and recesses at the front section for increased hand to clip-on clearance. Mounting can be either by strap as used on the Manx or by bolting it in place as was done on the street models.

Stocked in a bright red, black, or a metallic silver gel coat finish. This tank is shown mounted on our vintage racer on the Customer Bikes page. – #A900 –

HD Slimline Manx Seat – This version differs from our other Manx seats in having a heavy-duty base, thicker padding for more comfort and a rear hump angle that more closely follows the original Manx shape. The seat is cut for access to a center-mount oil tank and is available in lengths suitable for use with either our Manx tanks or with the factory Dommie/Atlas tank. Mounting bracket fabrication is required.

See the Cafe’ Seat page for additional photos. For Manx Tanks – #A903 – Temp Sold Out

Manx Sprint Tank – Lighter and more compact than the full size Manx tank, this is a fiberglass version of the Lyta tank used for short circuit racing in the 60’s and is ideal for modern vintage racing. Fits both slimline and wideline frames, requires strap mounting, has a single petcock outlet and is fitted with a Monza alloy filler cap. It is stocked in bright red, black and metallic silver. Several vintage racers using this tank can be seen on the Customer Bikes page. – #A930

Manx Racing Seat – Our most popular version of the Manx seat, it’s available for either slimline or wideline frames and is often adapted to other makes. The padded fiberglass base is fully covered with a textured vinyl and trimmed with red piping. Both a short version (11 3/4 seating area) for use with a Manx tank and a longer one (15 seat area) to fit with the original Dommie/Atlas tank are normally stocked and are available with or without a cutout for access to a center-mount oil tank.

Additional photos and specs are shown on the Cafe’ Seat page. Only A928 A934 currently in stock. The others have been reordered and we are awaiting selivery.

For Slimline Frames:

Short, no cutout – #A928 – $169.00

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