Suzuki TU 250

Suzuki TU250 Provides Value at a Good Price Daily Rider

Suzuki TU250: a First Look

Are you ready to go motorcycle riding? Many people are, but can’t find the room in their monthly budgets for another $100 in payments during today’s hard economic times.

But the 2012 Suzuki TU250 delivers in more ways than one.

I know you always have to be a little skeptical anytime you throw a leg over a motorcycle that barely has more cubic centimeters of engine size than you have in pounds. However, the Suzuki TU250 delivers with a smooth ride and comes in a retro package with café racer-like styling.

Suzuki TU250: Engine

The Suzuki TU250 carries a 249 cubic centimeter, single cylinder, double overhead cam engine. Though, Suzuki doesn’t release official horsepower figures, put one on the dyno and came up with 16.2 horsepower at 7,200 RPM. That’s good enough to get to 75 to 78 mph and the Suzuki TU250 feels really comfortable cruising along at 40-55 mph.

So while you won’t want to head to the race track on a Suzuki TU250, you will want to head almost anywhere else.

Now guys who ride 200-horsepower street bikes won’t get too excited about those numbers, but for the people who are opting for a city commuter they will find the Suzuki is more than capable. If you can’t see yourself riding on a scooter, then the Suzuki TU250 might be for you.

Besides, routine maintenance such as oil and spark plug changes and valve adjustments are a snap on a single cylinder motorcycle when compared to two- or four-cylinder machines.

Suzuki TU250: Café Racer Styling

While some motorcycles are bold and brash with lots of color and lots of chrome, the Suzuki TU250 is simplistic and harkens back to the days of café racers when motorcycles were inexpensive to buy and unpretentious to be seen on. There’s enough chrome on muffler, shocks, mirrors, spoke wheels and exhaust to keep the Suzuki TU250 exciting, but not too much.

Suzuki TU250: Fuel Economy

Any time you get below 300 cubic centimeters in engine size, your motorcycle’s fuel economy is going to sky rocket. I’ve found the Suzuki TU250 averages around 78 to 82 mpg in real world driving on a mix of country roads, city streets and in between. Suzuki claims a 79 mpg average.

When compared to 25-mpg cars, the Suzuki TU250 will cut your gasoline fuel costs by two-thirds.

Suzuki TU250: Pricing

According to Suzuki Motorcycles USA. the Suzuki TU250 lists at $4,099 but a quick internet scan of dealer specials finds selling prices $300 to $400 lower than that. Those prices put a four-year loan on the Suzuki TU250 in the $100 a month range. That means you’d save more money in gasoline than the monthly cost of the Suzuki TU250.

Suzuki TU 250
Suzuki TU 250
Suzuki TU 250
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