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In 1998 KTM introduced the KTM 640 Adventure, this bike represented everything that was needed in a solid adventure bike. There was not another single cylinder adventure bike on the market like it, and this continued true right through to its demise in 2007.

The bike boasted a host of features like, 26-28 L fuel tank standard, high quality long travel suspension, strong front and rear disc brakes, good fully integrated fairing, comfortable seat, strong rear subframe, and great looks that were still popular after 10 years of production. Even when the bike was taken off the market in 2007, there was still not another single cylinder adventure bike that would hold a candle to it.

Yes, over the years, if you were lucky you may have been able to buy a new KTM660 or KTM690 Rally, but you had to be prepared to shell out $45,000 plus, and then in many cases there was no compliance plate for legal registration. Or you may have been able to buy a second hand one of these bikes which would often sell for between $25-$30,000.

KTM did replace the brilliant 640 Adventure with the KTM 690 Enduro, but this was a trail bike, no doubt with better handling and a more refined motor, but where was the Adventure.

The mind boggles, as just like Yamaha did in the late 80’s/90’s when they had their Dakar winning 660 Tenere Rally, that with some street legal refinements would have been the most awesome adventure bike in the world, now KTM have replicated their every move and done away with the KTM 640 Adventure, and have not replaced it with a street legal Rally styled bike that was already built and tested and would perfectly fill the single cylinder adventure market. KTM have a long history of Dakar wins with the KTM 660 Rally, and then the KTM 690 Rally, which with some street legal refinements would and will still make the most awesome single cylinder adventure bike in the world.

ENTER THE KTM700R ADVENTURE . Darren Wilson (who purchased Craig Hartley’s first KTM 640 Adventure, which was actually the first 640 Adventure in Australia in 1998) and Craig often spoke of building an adventure bike that was of a similar design to the thoroughbred Rally versions. Darren had already modified the 1998 Adventure into a Rally style replica and then secured one of Andy Caldecotts 2003 660 Rally’s, and later on obtained one of the last KTM690 Rally’s produced from the Middle East.

The kit that has been built to turn the KTM 690 Enduro into a meaningful adventure bike and has been born from a lot of the ideas and designs directly from the KTM 690 Rally. Some of the parts like the fairing side cover’s and the bashplate actually fit straight on to the genuine Rally bike.

The overall design and shape of the low exhaust, fairing, fuel tanks and bash plate are made to actually look like a $50,000 Rally bike. The fuel tank lines look the same, but the tanks themselves are the most different. part to the Rally, reason being that the tanks had to be able to mould into the original 690 Enduro fuel tank and seat and airbox.

One of the outstanding features of this Rally kit, is the extra fuel capacity of approximately 9 litres per tank giving over 30 litres of fuel, and the fact that the tanks are mounted with the fuel weight very low for a better and lower centre of gravity, just like the Rally. With the fuel mounted forward and low, the bike has a much more controlled and lighter feel. The new designed plastic tanks will be made in white clear.

With the help of new plastic technology we will be able to have graphics applied without the normal bubbling, or for they who want the personal touch, the tanks will also be able to be painted, similar to a nylon tank. The beauty of this is that you will be able to have a great looking bike, plus you will be able to monitor what fuel is available.

There will be replaceable crash panels on the lower portion of each tank so you can replace them in the event of crash damage.

The rear fuel tank remains and we have taken the fuel pump out of the rear tank and mounted it on right-hand fuel tank. As the lowest portion of the front tanks are lower than the rear tank, fuel will be gravity fed from the standard rear tank into the front tank. This will be controlled by a fuel tap on the right-hand side just below the seat for easy access on the move.

Up in the cockpit, the standard speedo and dashboard have been retained except it is up higher in a more visual area, the standard headlight is also used. The tower that holds the fairing, dashboard and headlight in place, can also have an ICO metre and Route Sheet Holder fitted. This will be really handy for anybody wanting to enter in to competitive or non-competitive route sheet style rides.

The tower is a nice little engineering masterpiece that clamps securely around the steering head similar to some steering damper brackets. The tower has been designed with crashing in mind so it has specific areas that it will bend and can be restraightened. There is ample room to install extra switches to suit your personal requirements.


The low pipe was a necessity so that the fuel tanks could be designed for the low centre of gravity, once again, just like the rally, even the low exhaust helps contribute to a lower centre of gravity.

The kit will come available with all of the CNC machined brackets, fuel line and wiring for a handy person on the tools to bolt straight on.

For people wanting to use saddlebag racks, we are sticking to the original KTM parts, due to the fact that they are designed specifically to mount into the rear fuel tank. They are designed for the job and an important one it is.

Personal extras like extra padded seats, Akrapovic mufflers, racks, barkbusters, grip warmers, your choice of tyres and tubes, and the list goes on will be available, but will not be included in the kit.

Having said this the kit will, once fitted, will turn a standard KTM 690 Enduro into a very rideable, useable and classy machine basically out-of-the-box.

Dalby Moto will be selling new KTM690R’s set up to the KTM700R Adventure style. The graphics will be similar to the photo’s which stay in line with the current model KTM graphics.

We are hoping to have kits available late August or September after I, ( Craig Hartley) have done a couple of serious shakedown runs.

Pricing for the kit is still being finalised, but we are hoping to be somewhere around the $5000 or lower vicinity.

Be warned, this is a true bolt on kit that comes with everything and does not need to be painted, Our aim is to make this one of the most sought after KTM690 kits in the world.

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