Honda Varadero 125

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Blahdeblah52: Just searched for Varadero and this came up. Lovely bike. Best 125cc ever. I miss mine, passed my test on her. Good job!п»ї

Kevin Dowdall: Holy crap 20000 views nice one :-Dп»ї

johncbr1100: good review pal i to own one of these wee bike and love it, i have fitted lots of extras to mine including a remote start alarm, feel free to check my videos out of mine. well done on your reviewп»ї

ssor nareik: Thanks Bakker, I hope the video can entice a few potential bikers to buy their first bike

ssor nareik: They are still making them. The newer ones are amazballs

wondaboy12345: Did my IBT on one for a few hrs before getting a ER5. Great bike and really good for bigger lads, I actually prefer this to any other 125.

thejediukuk: one of the lads i work with had a older one for a few years and it was a good bike for him

kiltedklown: Hey Kieran, liking your varadero vids, just got one maself. See your saying yours is a 2007 new model, I’ve got a 2006, its exact to yours. 2007s usually have mirrors on the front fairing, full digital clocks and are fuel injected(with no choke). indicator lenses are clear instead of amber also.

I’ve got some stuff planned for mine, ditching the standard bulbs and going HID and that exhaust is made of 90% rust. Subscribed !

roadspartan: Are you still making videos?

ssor nareik: Hi, As I can’t use other people music without permission, I had to make my own sounds on GarageBand. Sounds good though doesn’t it