Buying a Laverda

(Updated – December 2008. Triple prices are climbing, due to rarity. There are occasionally bikes below �3,000, but they’re getting rarer. Both types of twins (old new)remain a bargain, often selling below �2,000 for the later Zane twins. Get a water-cooled 750.

It’s a lot of bike for peanuts, but the parts situation is patchy.

The Basics

‘Old’ Laverdas

There are a few factors that affect the price (of the ‘older’ Laverdas): – condition – age – mileage – some recent service history

The condition is by far the major contributor, since Laverda parts are fairly expensive (well, in comparison to the cost of the bikes). A no rust bike is up to 50% more expensive, so that’s heading towards �5k+ for neat Jotas. Eeek.

Mileage no longer matters – unless its ultra low. The average bike you’ll be buying will have tens of thousands on it, but will probably have been restored to the nines