Laverda 650 Lynx

I’m looking to buy an SV later this year, but I had some questions regarding its size. I’m 6′ 5 with about a 35 inseam. Would this bike be too small for someone of my stature?

I’d appreciate any feedback on the subject.

Golden rule for someone your height is try one first, I suspect you may find the bike too small, I have a 32 inseam and wouldn’t like it to be much more on the faired bike. try the unfaired, should be better (if you’re in the US you’ve got no choice)

It may be worth while for Colin to get his dealer to check the electrics on the bike (especially things like the connection to the throttle position sensor and the rest of the ‘ignition’ parts including the HT side of things and plug gap) as problems with these can sometimes appear the same as fuel faults.

I am presuming that the needles were lifted by moving the washer from over to under the clip and that is all that has been done. If the dealer cannot ‘fix’ the carb problem then he should take it to someone with a dyno who should be able to track the fault down quite quickly. I wouldn’t mess with the filter until the problem is sorted as it will make the fault harder to find.

Postings may be intermittant? Is this something to do with the alcohol level. ) OK. there’s no ‘may’ about it, postings will *cease*. – ) I have enough trouble typing and spelling normally never mind after a few pints of Caffery’s ;- ) If I get bored between Christmas and New Year I may make an update but probably not, I’m think I may be going to the South Coast to visit friends near Worthing. Having said that will the Net exist after the world crashes in Jan 1st.

Will it be able to cope with the millions of new people getting online for the first time after buying PC’s/MAC’s etc for Christmas? If it does I’ll see you all in the 21st Centuary!

Laverda 650 Lynx
Laverda 650 Lynx

I saw Sonnys’ posting about his oil leak – I would say that what has happened is that the mechanic (. ) has overfilled the bike with oil. I had this once before where a car mechanic (. ) filled the box up to the top of the filler as he couldn’t find the dipstick! (he thought a bike [GS650] would be the same as his lawnmower. ) This resulted in a very close call as the pressure inside the engine then blew the oil (couple of pints) all over the back wheel once I got to about 70. Not the funniest thing that has ever happened (Oh look – here is a roundabout at the end of the dual carrageway – I wonder how I am going to get around that. ). Sony has probably blown most of the oil out onto the underside of the tank by now but he should make sure that the oil level is right before it damages his engine.

The breather pipe may have been blown off or not put back by the mechanic when he did the valves (errr – why? I don’t have my manual with me but I didn’t think they were done till the 12K mark?).

As to the plugs – I doubt they needed changing at 600 miles. (unless Sonny had a real problem with them overheating, but I would be supprised).

I also think Sonny may have lost his warranty if the dealer wasn’t an official Suzuki Dealer. I think it says in the booklet that it has to be for the first service otherwise the warranty is invalidated (please correct me if I am wrong). I am also fairly sure that the manual states that you have to remove the seat (4 bolts) before lifting the tank.

Brett was also after info on a washer to lift the needles on his machine. If he takes the needles out, there is (apparently) a washer of exactly the right size (20 thou) sitting above the clip on the needle. If he moves this washer to below the clip it should do the job (or so it says in a lot of postings I have seen)

Laverda 650 Lynx
Laverda 650 Lynx
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