Moto Guzzi Norge 1200 GT 8V


Einstein was a Moto Guzzi Tourer power. Now the revamp the Norge to build on traditions of the house.

It’s about time. While Stelvio, Griso and 1200 Sport can boast several years of the four-valve engine from Moto Guzzi labored calculated the travel steamer Norge still from the old two-valve engine – although it is currently in a fully loaded truckload strong pulling power and lots of steam very welcome. But better late than never.

The 90th Anniversary of the Italian brand gets the Norge now the latest drive of the house that presents itself even freshly redesigned, with new valves and cam shafts, including oil cooler, larger exhaust and improved engine management.

The distinctive Guzzi rumble has retained the two-cylinder, fortunately, just as the primitive violence with which he comes to life. With a loud clunk into place the first course begin the premiere ride through the hills around Florence can.And indeed, the four-valve engine gives the far too honest Norge new vigor.102 hp, it makes the data sheet just ten more than in the past. Most importantly the greater torque of 104 Newton meters instead of 96 shows.

A dragster is from the Norge does not become so, but it takes much more advanced researcher. Rapid passages through elongated Tuscan avenues she goes through with renewed self-confidence, so not much time to admire the picturesque cypress.

Never comes to feel that there is a lack of pressure. However: In the basement works

the mixture formation is not perfect because at low rpm the engine shakes. Incidentally in contrast to the Stelvio, which indeed has the same drive, but carries its air filter under the seat, while he is sitting here under the tank, which obviously leads to some difficulty in breathing? From the Norge 3000 rpm then runs smooth and velvety depends directly on the gas and puts at 4500 tours to properly again.

Clearly you can feel the forward movement accompanied by slight vibrations that enhance the power of the mighty V2 in a pleasant way.

The comprehensive model of care is by no means limited to the engine. The Guzzi technicians who no longer work at the main plant on Lake Como, but the-art development center Aprilia sister company, have taken to heart the criticism of the old model. The lamented the lack of cornering clearance is a thing of the past as the main stand, which previously scraped up early on the tarmac got a new shape and now elegant holds back even at the lower slopes.

Due to the new engine has been modified, the frame, which is why the disguise a slightly different more flowing line got. Also managed the black heat shields on the cylinder heads so it is not too hot on the knee.

The chassis also came in for criticism. Although it remains at the previous fork. But she now has new springs and the monoshock was given a neutral vote.

The Norge feels while still tending to rather soft, but this is a travel steamer quite appropriate. In the interplay of fast and tight corners they are themselves sovereign, cushions and damps away bumps in the asphalt and can conduct themselves willingly.

Moto Guzzi Norge 1200 GT 8V

It keeps the line precisely specified and is not short welcome feedback. Granted, every gas shock as she had bowed briefly to the right, but eventually want to feel you so that you sit on a Guzzi, or? In the saddle of the Norge, which is now even softer padding one feels at any rate even at a faster pace of safe and secure, especially the brakes, equipped with a latest-generation ABS from Continental, always slow to react appropriately and without blame?

They filled up quickly bring the over 280-pound touring bike to a stop, without biting it being over bearing.

Short stop for the photo shoot after a swift cornering. But what is it? When the engine can hear a loud whirring sound. Guzzi has secretly built around a water-cooled engine?

False alarm a look forward revealing the mystery: The oil cooler below the elbow has an electronically controlled fan which has its say on when the Guzzi comes to temperature.

In addition to the onboard computer and ABS Norge brings to standard equipment Heated grips and re-formed, with color-coordinated case. In addition, the windshield is now standard electrically adjustable but can the corresponding control buttons for uploading and shut down while driving does not achieve very well because they are far inside the cockpit. The electronic problems that plagued the old model occasionally should no longer occur because here too loud Guzzi There was an extensive revision.

Conclusion: Operation successful. Temperament is a real bolt out of the retreaded Norge although not grown, but she has passed her earlier fussiness. With fresh enthusiasm they may again be involved in the Tourer powers.

Maybe, not quite up to the top but at a much more senior level.

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Moto Guzzi Norge 1200 GT 8V
Moto Guzzi Norge 1200 GT 8V
Moto Guzzi Norge 1200 GT 8V

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