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Interview with Ducati CEO:

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In the future of Ducati there are scooters, scramblers and factories abroad

Claudio Domenicali has since taken control of the product segment of Ducati has always kept its promises. The company, Ducati, since 2007, has reported at least one new bike and has produced products that have gone on to place in market segments dominated by other brands. The latest provocation is Diavel.

Whose idea was it to make a motion as crazy as the Diavel?�

If Diavel will be a success will have many fathers, but if it will be a flop, the culprits will be few. Seriously, the Diavel was my idea. Although very different from the Multistrada is part of the same program, which provides for our debut in market segments where we were not present, with products other than those of competitors. The design was created by Bart Janssengroesbeek, the father of the Monster. �

She is proving that is not so much related to the technical solutions of the past. The solution of the trellis frame in steel tubes with aluminum plates, experienced by other manufacturers, has now convinced you?�

A company that produces high-level motion must offer the customer the best, then we must not and can not bind us to life solutions that put the brakes from the technical point of view. The trellis frame in steel tubes with aluminum plates has become a format for us. In the area of the plates there are numerous attacks, with a traditional steel tube trellis, correctly position all while getting a good result style is very complicated. �

When developing a new technical solution, normally used on most models. We will see the suspension with the shock of Diavel horizontal on the new bike or other sports?�

The rear suspension of Diavel is especially designed to meet the needs of the design center. I do not believe that similar solutions will meet other Ducati. �

She argues that a Ducati is not to be less powerful than the competition. Theory that wife is ill with the use of air motors with two valves per cylinder. What will be their future?�

(Sunday, a little ‘surprise, reflected a moment before answering, ed) Let’s say that, actually, with air-cooled engines that we can not achieve high performance. I can say that these units do not become extinct, but in future will be mounted on special models.�

For example, on a Scrambler. �

Ducati 350 GTV

It’s one of the models that boil in saucepan. I can not deny that we are seriously considering. Here, a scrambler, should be air-cooled engine. �

You, just like BMW, the brand would also be matched with a suitable sports scooter. We are thinking?�

It’s another of those models. in pan. We’re talking about for some time, lately quite seriously. �.�

That engine could be mounted?�

Certainly not one that we in range. I think we will design one ad hoc.�

Scrambler, maxi scooter, extreme sports. What other surprises does the future of Ducati?�

The next three years will be very important. Several new models will arrive (at the end of 2011 a sporty two-cylinder of 12.00 cm � entirely new note) and we will significantly increase our production. The goal will be churning out more than 60,000 bikes a year. To do this we are working: we need to increase our sales in Brazil and India.

In these countries we export our products, but because of customs duties, a Monster cost more than � 16,000. Madness. Therefore we will build two factories, one in Brazil and one in Thailand, where they assemble the bikes.

In this way, we sell our products at competitive prices, both in South America, and Asia.

Ducati 350 GTV
Ducati 350 GTV
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