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Hey guys, your magazine is wonderful. My face lights up every month when it is sitting in my mailbox holding the lid half open. But I am kind of upset about something.

I am an avid Victory rider and I have a 2006 Jackpot. I am just wondering, how come you guys don’t put more Victory articles in your magazine? Is it because there are not a lot of builders working on them, or maybe not enough aftermarket parts?

Either way, if you could get one in every now and then it would be great. I love all the articles on the ones in here so far, but hope to see a lot more in the near future. Victory is the largest-growing brand in the USA, and I think it’s gonna be the next big thing as far as custom cruisers go!

Thanks for the great mag.

Best regards,

Daniel Destroyer Iknaian

_Dan, thanks for the note. We hope you’re liking the Jackpot. As for your questions, we have featured quite a few Victorys the past few years as the company grows.

We had a long-term Vegas that we did a series of hop-up articles on throughout 2005 and ’06. Then we did a couple of Hammer articles, and the ’07 Hammer S is currently in the stable for extended testing. This is in addition to new Victory model releases and news.

We are in the process of obtaining a new 8-Ball, Victory’s entry-level bike and palette for self-expression. In the coming months you’ll see us hopping it up in the performance and looks department. For starters, we have a 107-inch stroker kit from SS; waiting to be installed.

By the time you read this we will have already been the first to ride and report on Victory’s Vision line of touring bikes.

As for customs featuring Victory motors, we have featured a few. Arlen Ness’ comes to mind, as well as the recent Rocketman feature. Victory is surely growing year to year and we will follow what’s hot in that segment and bring it to you._

Dear Hot Bike,

This letter is in response to the guys who wrote in to last month’s Talk To Us. Since the creation of TV shows based on motorcycle builders, a lot has changed. Motorcycles have attracted so many different kinds of people who would never normally think it’s cool, which is great, but unfortunately they are late to the party.

Since age seven I was on a mini-bike, and then the bikes grew as I did. I went from the dirt on a YZ-80 to an ATV, to a Katana 600, to a GSXR 1100 (@140 mph-I was very immature), then to a custom Sportster 883. Now I’m 37 (20 years later) and I’ve grown and my passion for motorcycles has evolved.

My garage holds a few bikes: A ’99 West Coast Chopper El Diablo, a ’03 Sucker Punch Sally, and an ’05 Big Dog Ridgeback. Anyone who knows about customs knows the bikes mentioned are rigids. I would rather walk than ride a Softail.

I’m truly sorry that I don’t think it’s cool to ride a rice burner touring bike like a V-Star, but I’ve earned the right to feel like this.

I recently had my long chop in for some new rubber. The day I went to pick it up some dude was admiring it. As he was asking me some questions about the bike he realized it was a rigid and was like OMIGOD. too bad. it’s so nice.

W.T.F. I knew what he was talking about immediately. This bald prick dentist who thought he was gonna be a biker (after he spent 30K on a Big Dog) walked away ASAP.

This is why I get annoyed, cause every jerk-off who owns an OCC T-shirt thinks he F#ck’n knows about bikes.

To the other guy who said the bikes you show aren’t safe, he should stop reading these mags and pick up Ladies’ Home Journal, or grow a set of balls and understand these guys who really create custom bikes have been doing it for years and respect their work. Perewitz and Ness have been doing it since the beginning. Jesse James was building his own parts, and then got his break on TV-he earned it. Some guys will understand what I am talking about and some won’t.

Oh, and by the way, I’m not rich and famous. I work hard at my own business and I’m married with a young child, and I still find the money I need to own my own home, buy groceries, and save money in my daughter’s college fund. I’m able to do this because I hustle and work my ass off to make sure I have it all, and I still make time for my family every day.

For all you Pikers who walk at the bell and worry about your two-weeks vacation, get used to riding a V-Star. HB

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