Buell 1190RR

New Buell Concept from Switzerland

Erik Buell had his company shuttered by the bean-counters at Harley-Davidson just over a year ago now. To many it came as a shock, though some on the inside saw the writing on the wall, but everyone with even a passing interest in the American sportbike marque – which put riders first  – was severely disappointed at the decision.

Erik Buell certainly was, though he continued to move forward with his passion even in the face of this monumental closure. He quickly created Erik Buell Racing and started to work on improving his biggest racing success thus far, the Rotax-powered Buell 1125R. The 1190RR-B was EBR’s first product and the first customer for two of those bikes was Switzerland-based Pegasus Race Team.

Now, it appears, that original customer is giving something back to Buell and his company.

After gaining the blessing of the master, Pegasus and German design company Gruner Engineering set out to create a Streetfighter model based on the forthcoming EBR 1190RS Superbike, the street-oriented version of the 1190RR race bike. They have designated it as the Erik Buell Racing 1190 Typhon. By acquiring copies of the original CAD models from which to work, the two European companies managed to create a naked version of the 1190RS which appears only steps away from being production-ready.

The Typhon retains the more important parts of the 1190RS, but ditches the front fairing in favor of a dual headlight setup with a small flyscreen reminiscent of the Buell XB12. The new radiator shrouds possess several control blades and air splitters which direct the air resulting from forward motion both into the airbox and around the frame spars. Top speed is said to be above 155 mph (250 k/h).

With the Rotax engine’s 185 horsepower on tap, and a 355 pound weight without fuel, it is entirely realistic.

Buell 1190RR

The Pegasus Race Team holds the honor of being the largest race team in the world competing on Buell (or EBR) motorcycles. They took the 2010 Sound of Thunder Championship in Germany using their race-prepped EBR 1190RR-B at the hands of rider Harald Kitsch. They also campaign on Buell 1125R and XB12 machines in the same series.

It was that experience and knowledge which allowed the team and Gruner to work together on what may (hopefully) become a production motorcycle. Buell himself has said that there is plenty of work left to complete on the 1190RS, and that will keep them from even considering the Typhon project at this time. However, he was very impressed with their design and how quickly Pegasus and Gruner were able to have the machine ready.

This bike may not see a production line, but it certainly demonstrates the potential of what Erik Buell is giving the world currently. With ideas from the very people who use the tools Erik Buell Racing produces being combined with genius design work, Pegasus and Gruner have given us an impressive motorcycle which really should be available to the buying public right now. The EBR 1190 Typhon is the very essence of what Buell is all about – light, compact, and very agile with incredible power.

If it is not to be sold as is through the soon-to-be EBR dealer network, let’s all hope it at least becomes a kit which any owner can purchase. It does look like a great ride!

Written by J.C. Current, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

Buell 1190RR
Buell 1190RR
Buell 1190RR

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