Piaggio MP3 400 Sport

Piaggio MP3 LT 500 Sport: An Owner’s Review

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Stuart Moore: Great video. Impressed by how relaxed you sound. I have the same model. I am also same age and height.

I have a full bike licence though and used to ride some pretty large bikes but had taken a break whilst raising kids. My discovery of these was a bit random, didn’t even know about such machines. Had been thinking about getting a bike again for a while but thought it might be worth trying a scooter as no longer had the need for the same power kick I had in my youth and 30s. Spotted an MP3 in a scooter magazine and immediately went off to find a dealer.

Fell in love and bought a recent used model within a couple of weeks. My nearest dealers in and around Birmingham didn’t have anything suitable so I ended up buying one from Scootercrazy in Huddersfield. My first ride on it was mostly motorway including the highest motorway in England (M62) in very bad weather (gales and rain).

Loved it. I am stunned that someone without bike experience can get on one of these and thought it a really bad idea until seeing your video. I do find it very similar to ride to two wheelers but with the extra stability you mentioned. I do more country and motorway riding than you so replaced the screen with the tall variant as I was getting buffeted far too much.

Now have to apply rain repellent as I can’t see over it. Much calmer ride though. Must get a better lid. Thank goodness for ear plugs. I also fitted a large third party top box on an adapter plate.

Sadly it is impractical for me to commute with my current contract. (Live in Shropshire, working near Heathrow.) and bad weather has meant not felt desire to ride for pleasure much at weekends. I hope to get some commutable work sometime as well as have fun when weather is a bit nicer. I think I would like a two wheeler again at some point but, like you, I would be tempted to keep this well. 

Blahdeblah52: Ahh typed that before ya said about the Bus Lanes