Puch Engine Specifications

Puch GS 125 HF 1986

Puch manufactured the Puch GS 125 HF in 1986. The bike came equipped with a 124 cc engine and six-speed chain transmission. The engine included one cylinder that finished the complete combustion cycle in two strokes. The liquid-cooled engine generated a maximum of 9.8 horsepower at 10,000 rpm and reached a top speed of 62.1 miles per hour (mph).

The engine offered a 2.1-inch bore and stroke with a compression ratio of 15-to-1.

Puch GS 350 F 5 1987

Puch marketed the Puch GS 350 F 5 recreational vehicle in 1987. The bike included a 348 cc engine and five-speed chain transmission. The liquid-cooled engine offered a 3.2-inch bore and 2.6-inch stroke with a 13-to-1 compression ratio. The one cylinder, two-stroke engine produces 27 horsepower at 7,300 rpm.

The vehicle reaches a maximum speed of 74.6 mph.

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Puch 125 GS
Puch 125 GS

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Puch 125 GS
Puch 125 GS
Puch 125 GS
Puch 125 GS
Puch 125 GS
Puch 125 GS
Puch 125 GS

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