Rokon Trail-Breaker

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TimTools99: I’ll take one of each!п»ї

Aaron Bastian: thats only on sundays

MrShizz77: Its amazing to me that you think you can sum up my intelligence by my stupid comments .

Scott Miller: notorious hypocrite.

TREVOR B: now rick just need to fix his go kart

FastN Furious: i got a dune buggy exactly like this but mom wouldnt let me brin it up

Watupal: schweet

grosteph58: The buggy engine sounds really good .Funny way to skyhill the rokon 2 wheels bike at 9.20 .

MrShizz77: I am just a citizen, sir, move along.

thefuz134: whats that go-cart buggy thing? i want to buy one

3Mudbone1: He would have walked up up if he had kept his weight on the pegs and leaned forward also. You guys need to get a Chaparrel six wheel drive ATV to test out. We had about four of them in Colorado in the 1970’s.

I preferred the ones with a 400cc Rotax 2 cylinder 2-stroke. I was the first one to go flying off of a ledge getting airborne and landing in the water of a slough on the cattle ranch. Then everyone started doing it.

I sure wish I would have had a video camera back then.

NewSkoolRednecks: Thanks Dave and rick. Awsome time at the farm.

nikyjim: @TheDigitalguyy no u mean a hard on for the rokon

FastN Furious: hey rick how many CC’s is that go kart

NewSkoolRednecks: @thuntfan i understand bro, lol! I’d be jelous too..

DodgeDweller420: @wildcat2087 dave is back. check out the channel davidsfarmlives

MrShizz77: Yeah whatever Troll I have seen all the comments you have left on other vids and all you do is talk crap. your just a pathetic loser troll crawl back under your bridge, bitch.

tikiirving: It wasn’t the tourqe that made him through the mud in second gear. It wad the power of the miller!

ryntrek823: daves a pickle to people

Aaron Bastian: can’t tell if you’re 11 or just a really bad troll

choochinkaddywompus: @TheDigitalguyy but who doesn’t. everyman would love one in there shop I wouldn’t mind one I would only want now cause I own a 06 suz. vinson 500 4×4 and a 06 suz. drz250 and this week hophully finally find the right 2 stroke dirtbike and then maybe a rokon. You see them in new england on craigslist sometimes from the oldies to new for decent prices

FastN Furious: did he play hide and seek with you guys rick??

MrShizz77: drinking and driving of any atv is against the law

Aaron Bastian: your stupidity amazes me

Scorpion: im going to start a go-kart so i can bring it up