Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Army

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Sep 16

What do Charlie and Sirius have in common?

The correct answer is: “Both ride a Royal Enfield”.

Royal Enfield 2015 ?

Aug 20

Indian army kicks off motorbike expedition to pay homage to World War II martyrs

The Indian Army flagged off a cross-country motorbike expedition here on Friday across war memorials in several Eurasian and West Asian nations to pay homage to the brave and martyr soldiers of the Second World War.

The 10-member team of biking enthusiasts, christened the ‘Lightning Bulleteers’, would be travelling across geographic boundaries of Eurasia and West Asia during their 42 days tour, logging a lengthy distance 12000 kilometres.

“Led by Colonel V K S Tomar, the ‘Lightning Bulleteers’ comprises five senior male Army officers, two lady cadres and three members of other ranks,” said defence officials.

The main objective of the expedition is to pay homage to the brave soldiers slain in the Second World War by placing mementoes at various international war memorials.

Riding high on their heavy-duty, specially designed 500 cc Royal Enfield motorbikes . the team would be traversing smooth roads, rugged mountains and varied landscapes across Greece, Turkey, Italy, France and the United Kingdom.

“Basically, the message that we are sending is of universal peace, harmony and the spirit of adventure, which the Indian Army promotes. The expedition will be challenging, given the distance and the weather conditions. But we have taken up this challenge and we will give our best,” said Colonel V K S Tomar.

Beginning the rally from the historical India Gate in New Delhi, the Lightning Bulleteers would zip to Maharashtra’a Mumbai city by road, and take a flight to Turkey.

From Turkey, the team would again resume their travel astride the sturdy two-wheelers after visiting the famous Helles War Memorial and the Twelve Tree Copse Memorial, where there were 1,730 Indian casualties in the Gallipoli Campaign of 1915.

The team would be riding across the Monastir Road Indian Memorial and the Phaleron War cemetery at Greece, where more than 200 men of then British Indian army had been slain during the violent movements in Greece and Crete Islands during the Second World War.

Further visits include visit to the New Glasgow War Memorial, the Hollybrook Memorial, The Cenotaph and the Edinburgh Castle in the UK.

The expedition is aimed at spreading the message of universal, international bonhomie, and friendship.

It would also strengthen the Indian Army’s strategic ties with these nations.

The culmination of the expedition will take place on September 28 at New Delhi.

Jun 30

BMW is great but how about an Enfield?

Terry from Florida spent a few weekends in the Valley of the Sun (aka Phoenix, AZ) where she rented motorcycles and enjoyed the scenic rides between Scottsdale and Sedona.

The first weekend she took the trip clockwise on a BMW F800ST . The next weekend she wanted to get a different perspective of this scenic route and rode it counterclockwise, but this time on a Royal Enfield C5 Classic .

“Although it has been over a week since I left, my memories of my month out west were most vivid of the four days off which I spent on AZ rental bikes. I just can’t say enough about what fun it was! The first two on the lower F800st were just superb. That is the bike for me, the lower frame was a perfect fit.

It was the easiest thing and a joy to ride. Definitely sold me on getting rid of my RT and downsizing to something more nimble.

But when the ST was already taken for my next set of days off, and I took the Royal Enfield on a lark, I just can’t say it loud and long enough,— what an absolute blast that was! That was as much fun as a human being can have alone. It was soooooo much fun!

I gave away almost every card you gave me. A real social interaction device, that Enfield. I guess I would have to admit that I had more fun on it than even the ST.

It was a stop and smell the cactus kind of bike. I saw more, enjoyed more, and met more people.”

Royal Enfield to double capacity

Several news outlets have confirmed that Royal Enfield is bound to serious expansion. According to the recently published data, the expansion plan will nearly double Royal Enfield’s production with increases in capacity over the next three years. The plan forecasts unit production growth from Royal Enfield’s 2010 unit volume of 52,000 to as much as 70,000 units for 2011, followed by up to 90,000 units for 2012 and finally 100,000 units or more for 2013.

Siddhartha Lal, Managing Director and CEO, Eicher Motors (left), and R.L. Ravichandran, CEO, Royal Enfield

Kevin Mahoney, president of Royal Enfield USA, said “Consumer response to the new model line in the United States and elsewhere has been remarkably strong and it’s very encouraging to know that Royal Enfield will be ready as the market continues to grow.”

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