Suzuki GSX 650 F

Specifications on a Suzuki GSX 650F


The Suzuki GSX 650F is 48.6 inches high, 83.9 inches long and 29.9 inches wide, with a 4.9-inch ground clearance and a 57.9-inch wheelbase. The bike has a dry weight of 531 pounds, which includes an empty fuel tank of five gallons. The exterior, made of plastic, is fitted with a chain guard, exterior covers and guards, front and rear plastic fenders, rubber hand grips, handlebar locks, folding rearview mirrors, upper and lower fairings, a spoiler and a kickstand.


The GSX 650F has a liquid- and air-cooled four-stroke, four-cylinder fuel-injection engine with four valves per cylinder in double overhead camshaft (DOHC) configuration. An engine displacement of 656 cubic centimeters (cc) and an engine-displacement-to-weight ratio of 1.24:1 is a result of a bore and stroke of 2.58 and 1.92 inches and a compression ratio of 11.51:1. The engine is controlled by a six-speed chain-driven manual transmission.

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Suzuki GSX 650 F

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Suzuki GSX 650 F
Suzuki GSX 650 F
Suzuki GSX 650 F
Suzuki GSX 650 F
Suzuki GSX 650 F
Suzuki GSX 650 F
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