Suzuki GSR 750

Suzuki GSR 750 Preview

We already have gone through a showcase of one more street warrior during coverage of Autoexpo 2012. It’s a 750 cc macho machine from Japanese manufacturer SUZUKI.

GSR 750 was launched by the SUZUKI during mid of 2011 for the global market. Suzuki is mostly known for marvellous technologies used in GSX-R and Hayabusa. Few of technologies from GSX are now incorporated in new GSR 750 for better street performance.

Let us have a brief journey through some changes those have included on new GSR.


Refined 750 cc engine used in GSR uses twin throttle valve for better charging efficiency and produces more power like GSX-R. Suzuki has now used exhaust tuning system in GSR which works with servo operated butter fly valve. This system helps to maintain scavenging efficiency of the engine in almost all operating conditions.

Better scavenging as well as breathing efficiency improves sudden braking and acceleration, proving this bike perfect for city roads.


Front suspensions have been changed to inverted type telescopic as needed by high performance bikes. Rear mono-cross now comes with progressive linkage instead of simple mono-cross. This progressive linkage helps to increase damping ratio by absorbing small disturbances.

It is important to mention here that the rear suspension is now 7 times adjustable which also helps to adjust driver’s seat height.


Frame has become much light weight with the help of advance integrative design instead of using single casted frame. Integrated design uses different materials with different properties at different sections to optimize the frame as and where required. The frame of GSR is basically a combination of compact tubular girders and twin spar type frame.


Suzuki GSR 750

Majority changes have been performed in aesthetics of GSR to provide new-edge glance.  This change starts from the front fender which is a carefully moulded with striking vent shapes.

Tank shape in now much more muscular with distinctive textured side panels. Company’s emblem is now located at radiator side panels assisted with aggressive front bodywork.

Head light is now much more refined and comes with dazzling and idiosyncratic shape. Head light shell is also provided with vented side panels just like front fender. It also uses integrated dual position lights with decorative blue lenses for astounding looks in gloomy surrounding.

Four exhaust pipes are now kept open to provide elegant look. Exhaust opening is now drawn by side of rear wheel which was located under the pillion seat. Triangle shaped exhaust muffler has been directly imitated from Hayabusa, looks stunning from the rear. Single straight seat is now replaced by outlined split seats in new GSR. Seats are also flanked with stylish frame side covers.

Rear side panels are also made tricky and rear tail has become sharper towards the end. There are three colour options available in this street fighter: Glass sparkle black – GSR750 – YVB, Glass sparkle black/ Pearl mira red – GSR750 – JSP, Pearl glacier white – GSR750 –YWW.

As mentioned by Saad in his article, Suzuki has not declared anything about launching this street bike in India. You can enjoy its photos and video here.


Dhruv Panchal

Suzuki GSR 750
Suzuki GSR 750
Suzuki GSR 750
Suzuki GSR 750
Suzuki GSR 750
Suzuki GSR 750
Suzuki GSR 750
Suzuki GSR 750
Suzuki GSR 750
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