Suzuki GSX 1400

This bike handles like a dream.

And the power – WOAH! – Hope you have strong arm sockets.

This bike has proven its prowess up through the twisties,

even amongst Busas, R1s, and Ninja’s

Also, pulls up very fast with its dual six pot callipers.

Has all the gear to be set up for some serious sport weekends, or with the complete shebang for those long trips.

Just check out all the extras listed below.

We have done 2 x 3 week trips on it, and a few 5 day weekends.

Only done 17884kms.

Fantastic condition.

Very rare blue colour – Stands out – Very hard to find one for sale.

Don’t be one of the masses and get a black one.

Suspension has been setup by Greg Johnson Cycle Supply in South Melbourne – You’d be luck to find anyone that knows bikes better.

Almost brand new rear tyre.

RWC and reg till late march next year.

As you can tell from the low kms, this bike is not getting the love she needs. And its time for her to move on to a new owner.


Yoshimura Race Exhaust – What a note! – This thing is ace – Definitely adds a few horses when this is on. (Bike currently has original twin exhausts fitted)

N Project Blaster II Bikini Cowl – Colour matches to bike – Screen is smoke colour with GSX logo etched on the side. Imported form Japan (over $600 after delivery)

Sheepy Hollow Seat Cover – Black – Adds that extra confort for the long rides.

Givi Top Box – E52 Maxia – Colour matched to the bike – Big enough to fit 2 helmets in

Givi Side Cases – E41 Keyless – Colour matched to the bike – One for you, one for the misses. Easy stop her bringing too much stuff. Limit her to one bag.

Givi Crash Bars – Saves those crank cases

Beowulf Stainless Radiator Guard – With the GSX logo laser cut in the front – Those oil coilers are so expensive to replace. Have peace of mind with this extra.

NEP Cruise Control – So easy and safe to use, great for resting the right hand.

Numerous Stainless Bolt kits fitted – Adds to the shine, and they stay looking great longer.

Autocom Pro M1 – Currently set up for rider to Pillion – Can still talk at 160kph – Easy to adapt for rider to rider.

Helmet kits

Bluetooth module for Autocom – Answer calls on the go – The other person cant even tell you are on the bike.

Oxford Hot Grips – Great for those cold winter mornings – Not currently installed

Easy $4000 worth of extras

Check out this review from a GSX1400 org member:

Might be long but worth a read perhaps?

You know how when you ride fast and frequently push your bike, that 100kmh starts to feel real slow. Have you noticed that after riding the 14 for more than a year and having tested it’s limits, you begin to feel that maybe it’s lost it’s edge, or it’s not quick enough, or it doesn’t handle the twisties as well as it could?

I discovered this weekend what it is. It’s not the bike by any means. It’s just that you have gotten so familiar with it, your skills have improved so much that you begin to take a few things for granted.

Then that magical moment comes back to you, when you realise this machine is all that it should be and is not just a sports tourer but a sports bike in it’s own right too.

Sure, it’s not in the league of the knee sliding, hanging it all out there GSX1000 and R1 club going 280+ kmh but it gets pretty darn close when pushed.

Last Sunday I pushed my bike to what I consider the absolute limits. About 30 bikes set off on a 410km ride around some very good motorcycling roads and what would be considered a hard pace. 18 or so bikes went the short quick way and I opted to run with the ‘mad buggers feeling like a faster ride over the longer distance and then meet with the others for lunch.

Well, the 1 litre knee, sliding contingent disappeared pretty quickly at warp speed with a howling noise as they lit up their machines to the redline and my initial attempts to keep up were thwarted by a Busa and an R1, both riders not into the knee sliding riding style, including me.

The Busa kept ahead on the straights and I didn’t quite have the poke to get by.

At one point he changed down into a hard corner too early and the back shot out a bit which slowed him enough for me to take him out of the corner and then I was off to try and catch the others. At one point we were all riding at about 160kmh when a cop car came towards us and didn’t do a thing. What can you do when 12 bikes shoot past?

Anyways, I was very lucky, the 1 litre club turned of at a small town and the guy on the Busa and I didn’t realise. The next 2 hours I spent trying to catch up with the 1 litre club. Very windy roads, hairpins etc.

I left the Busa well behind and arrived at the agreed meeting place about 2 minutes after the earlier group arrived when we split up at the beginning. All along I thought the fast group would be ahead collecting any tickets, but they were way behind having lunch and I could have been pulled up at anytime, riding hard out up to 230-240kmh.

It was on the way back that I realised how good and able the 14 is.

I was cruising at this stage with several other bikes from the earlier group with an R1 in front. I was on his tail through all the twisties and most the shorter straights. A bit later after some of the guys stopped for gas and we were crusing along at about 130kmh, this guy on a TL1000R barrels past. Well, not to be outdone, I drop a couple of cogs and I’m on his tail as we go into the chicanes.

We start taking posted 45kmh corners at 130kmh. I have never seen a TL1000 ridden like this. The guys right over, the pegs scratching. I’m having to hang off the 14 as the pegs touch down earlier than the TL.

My pegs are scratching hard and the rear tyre is just starting to bob and I know I am at or very near the cornering limits of my bike, yet I can stay with him. Amazing.

We take about a dozen corners like this and on the last tight sweeper before a straight it happens.

The TL riders rear wheel steps out a bit, but my 14 is still rock solid. The TL goes into a full on tank slapper, the riders fighting it, the rear spins out to right, grabs and high sides him at 130kmh.

I’m hard on the brakes and pull up in time. The TL slid 120 metres down the road and he’s bouncing and rolling about 90 metres. I’m off the bike real quick and the riders back on his feet, in full synthetic gear but looking like he came out of a rag shop. His gloves were torn off, the armour in his sleeves and shoulders and knees were torn out and bits lying on the road.

His injuries, broken wrist, a few knicks out of extremities and skinned to the meat on the right forearm, but I think the bike will be close to a right off.

After sorting the guy out and seeing him right with a lift home from a friend in a cage, I rode through the remaining gorge and twisties home in the lead with the R1 following. While stopping for gas, he mentioned he couldn’t believe how such a big bike could handle and go so well.

Folks, we have a machine we can be proud of. It can cruise all day, fully loaded with a pillion and be the perfect tourer, but when it comes down to boogying in the tight stuff, it’s right up there short of being insane.

Suzuki GSX 1400

It can never foot it with the all out racers, into sticking their knees on the tarmac, but it’s right up there with the rest who ride their sports bikes in the sub racer class.

Man, I love this bike. I was really suprised that acceleration almost matched that of the busa, up to 220kmh.

Written by Beyond2000

Here is a vid of him riding his 14. A must see if you are planning on buying a 14. Check out the 3 minute mark. You will fall in love with this bike.

Also I have an Aussie contact that can get your clocks doing this

Suzuki GSX1400 K2 manufacturer specifications :

Engine type:  Y701 – Air-cooled with SACS. 4-stroke, 4-cylinder inline, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder.

Bore Stroke:  81.0 x 68.0 mm.

Displacement:  1 402cc.

Performance:  The engine has less power on the Japanese models. In Sweden: 78 kW (106,1 hp) / 6800 rpm, 126 Nm / 5000 rpm. Top speed circa 140 mph (240 kph)

Compression ratio  9.5:1

Carburetion:  Fuel Injection (34 mm).

Oil capacity (overhaul):  5,7 l (oil change: 4,2 l / 4,8 l with the oil filter)

Ignition:  Electronic ignition (transistorized)

Generator:  300 W

Starter System:  Electric

Lubrication system:  Wet sump

Transmission:  6-speed, constant mesh

Primary drive ratio:  1.509 (83/55)

Final drive ratio:  2.277 (41/18)

Frame Type:  Double-cradle, steel tube

Rake/trail:  26 degrees 105 mm (4.1 inches)

Suspension Front:

Telescopic, coil spring, inner cartridge, spring preload adjustable, rebound and compression 12-way adjustable.

Front 6-piston calipers, 310 mm dual discs

Rear 2-piston caliper, 240 mm disc

Front 120/70ZR17 tubeless (Bridgestone BT020 max 270 kph)

Rear 190/50ZR17 tubeless (Bridgestone BT020 max 270 kph

Suzuki GSX 1400
Suzuki GSX 1400
Suzuki GSX 1400

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