BSA Prototype

Triumph Trident and BSA Rocket 3

Triumph Trident T150-1969

The genesis of the Triumph Trident and BSA Rocket 3 dates back to 1963. From this time Bert Hopwood, the director of the research department of the factory Triumph launched the idea of a three cylinders in line of 750cc extrapolated the Speed Twin. Resuming his bore x stroke (63×80) in order to limit the width of the block, the first engine is running in January 1965 and the prototype follows in the court of the year.

The engine is rapidly changed, with a reduced travel for the benefit of the bore (67x70mm) the three cylinders developed 58 ch and generates infinitely less vibration than the bicylinder.

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The direction slow to take a decision. Lack of a quick response, the British motorcycle industry cashed several arrows (450 CB 500 Honda, Kawasaki Mach III. etc. ) and the rumour started to speak of a next Honda 750 four- cylinder. This time the plant feels the wind of Boulet.

After three years of procrastination, it finally gives the green light for the project.

Simultaneously presented to the press under the brands of both BSA and Triumph in March 1968, the three cylinders begins his career in the United States in October before being launched in Europe at the beginning of the following year, previous to the last little novelty Japanese for the Honda 750. Less sophisticated (not of disc brake, not of starter and only four reports) more expensive and less alluring, the three British tabs is condemned to remain in the shadow of his rival.

Triumph Trident T150 and BSA Rocket 3 (A75 -1969

The two font the pair:

If BSA and Triumph belong to the same group since the early 1950s, this does not prevent to pursue policies of brand. The coup, Triumph Trident (T150) and BSA Rocket 3 (A75) must be different. The cylinders of the Triumph are vertical, those of the BSA tilted 15° to the front, the craters of distribution are specific.

Managers are also different. Thus, no has not renounced his family. the price for an increase in manufacturing costs.

BSA Rocket 3 A75-1969

On the aesthetic, the call to designers outside of the factory led to a break with the traditional image of the group ( tank angular to the antipodes of guns in force, silent futuristic with three small tubes to their end).

Triumph Trident T150-1969

The United States, the first export market, the customer found the machines too big and hate this square reservoir and these exhausts worthy of a spacecraft. In 1971 the factory reviews his copy and all models US definitively abandoned the traditional tanks for the benefit of model rounded with a small capacity.

BSA Rocket 3 (A75 five speeds-1971

Despite this facelift, the BSA/Triumph group finished the year in the red and it must seek the assistance of the State which imposes its merger with Norton-Villers (giving birth to the group N. V. T. ) in a last ditch attempt to save the furniture.

Triumph Trident T160-1976

BSA Prototype

Descent to hell:

In 1973, it is done, BSA has disappeared. The new boss Dennis Poore, decided to reshape the company. The result is a long occupation of the site by the workers.

In March, 1975, you came out of the impasse. N. T. V. Ceded the Triumph factory to the worker cooperative that has formed to Meridein. It will focus its efforts on the 750 Bonneville and initiates a refresh of the Trident T 160, in order to attempt to renew with the American market.

For the small history, this T160 should benefit from a three-in-one exhaust which made it brighter and more pleasant but the people in Norton refused this solution, thinking the moto unmarketable. Whatever the case, opposite, the Japanese have four cylinders, two front discs, a best of-the-art speed, all this for the same price. The Trident is preparing to die, condemned by the bankruptcy of the British motorcycle industry.

The latest coming out in August 1976. 26,390 Trident will have been produced for 5,897 Rocket 3.

Triumph Trident T160V-1976

Hurricaine, a case at hand:

During the year 1969, Craig Vetter conducted at the request of Don Brown, the American importer BSA, a kind of custom on the basis of a Rocket 3. Put on hold, the project will eventually succeed, and he will spray out the hurricaine occurred in June 1972 to January 1973.

Triumph Hurriaine X75

Very ahead of its time, this superb machine characterized by its long fork alu, its three exhaust pipes that go back on the right side and especially its beautiful whole saddle tank will have a limited dissemination. 1,176 Copies will be the day. Irony of history, it will be the name of Triumph when in reality there is the last BSA never occurred.

A bunch of Triumph X75

BSA Prototype
BSA Prototype
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