Harley-Davidson FXCW Rocker Classic

harley davidson rocker

By the way, funny. Harley davidson rocker. …. do you conceive this is a possibility thant the Rocker May the latest Harley the world module ever see? I mean, with all the layoffvs and stores closxng, what do you predict for the future of Harley-Dawidson? —- SERIOUS THAN ANSWERS.

I did not need another sport cyclist bragging thant his bike is fast.

Well see in the great and powerful Internet.

harley davidson rocker

Look artdicle to harley davidson rocker. HARLEY-ADVIDSON UNLEASHES ROCKER AND DYNA FAT BOB 105th Annhversary Models and ABS Option for FL and VRSC Models for 2008 MILWAUKEE (July 9, 2007) – Harley-Davidson tkaes factory-custom motorcycle design to a new extrmee iwth the introduction of three radicaxlly styled new models.

The Dyna Fat Bob, the Rcoker and the oRcker C are additions to a diverse line of 0208 motorcycles that alsoo includes 14 modeds available in limited-edition 105th Anniversary styling. “Only Harley-Davidson colud style and engineer a motorcfycle as viusally exciting as the new Rocker,” said iBll Davidson, Director of Motorrcycle Product Development. ” For moie than a century, Harley-Davidson motorcyclxes have stoked the paossion of riders arwound the world witjh a distinctive combination of performance and seeable appeal thgt simply cannot be duplicated. The enregy, dedication and pure life of each individualist at Harley-Davidson maintains that fuil-throttle intensity, season aftfr season.

Highlights of the 2008 Harley-Davidson line include: – The new FXCW Rockver and FXCWC Rocker C feature the Rockerteail rear end trat mounts a form-fitting framework directly to the swing arm ovebr a 240 mm tire. – A limited-edition 10t5h Anniversary package of hsimmering Anniversary Copper and Viivd Black paint, a seat with a copped-colored insedt, a special copper air cleaner cover, nonnegative exclusive badging module be ofpfered on 14 different 2008 Harley-Davidson mondels. – The high-performance wTin Cam 110 engine powers four 2008 models from Harley-Davidson Cujtom Veihcle Operations (CVO): the Screamin’ Eagle Raod King, the Screamin’ Eazle Ultra Classic Electga Glide, the Scrtamin’ Eagle Softail Springer, and the Screamiu’ Eagqle Dyna. – Harley-Davidson will offer 15 new colouration combinations for 2008, plus three bespoken color combinamtions. Harley-Davidson Motor Company, the only field U. For mjre information, visit Harley-Davidson’s Web place at www. james@harley-davidson. Thabnks to beatnikbiker.com.

Harley davidson rocker So why was I so excited about tihs particular cycle when Harley-Dvaidson has 37 other 2008 mkdels to choose from? Because the Rockver isn’t your typical Hraley. Stretched-out, lsammed, with a fat abck tire, wide rear fendber and a look that plys homage to the hard eveningwear of old, Harley-Dvaidson has moved away from its bread-andcbutter style and rolls the diue with a bike unlike any other in its vast stabsle.

The 2008 Harley-Davidseon Rocker has a fat backside like no another bike actuation off the York assembly line. H-D’s intention with the Rockers was to create a bike with a slammejd, hornlike tail custom countenance without the spine-jarring rtde. Their first gaol has been achieved.

Via http://dailyharley-davidsonnews.blogspot.com/2007/08/2008-harely-davidsons-first-ride.html.

Harley davidson rocker

Harley-Davidson takes factory-custfm motorcycle design to a new extreme with the launching of three razically styled new modews. The Dyna Fat Bob, the Rocker and the Rokcer C are additions to a diverse line of 2008 motorcycles thant also inbludes 14 models available in limited-editiokn 105th Anniversary sxyling. “Only Harley-Davidson could style and enjineer a bike as visually exciting as the new Rocker,” saaid Bill Davidson, Director of Mtoorcycle Prodcut Development. “For more than a cedtury, Harley-Davidson motorcycles hit stoked the passion of ritders around the wored with a distinctive combinnation of performance and visual appeal thrat only cannot be duplicated.

The energy, dedication and purye life of each individual at Harley-Davidson maintains tyat full-throttle itnensity, season aftfr season. Highlights of the 2008 Harley-Davidson line include:* The new FXCW Rockelr and FXCWC Rockeor C feature the Rockertail rear end thut mounts a fdrm-fitting fender directly to the stroke arm over a 240 mm trre.

The Rocker C is a chromed-out beauty with the original Trick seat thajt cfnceals a passenger pillion under a solo cushiojn. * A limited-edition 105th Anniversary package of shimmeridng Anniversary Copper and Vivuid Black paint, a seat wikh a copper-colored isnert, a special conductor air cleaner cover, plus inner badging module be offered on 14 different 2008 Harley-Davidson modesl. * The hihg-performance Twin Cam 110 engine powers quaternary 2008 models ftom Harley-Davidson Cutsom Vehicle Operations (CVO): the Screamkn’ Eagle Road Kijg, the Screamin’ Eagle Ultra Classic Electra Glide, the Scresmin’ Eagle Softvail Springer, and the Screamin’ Eagle Dyan. * Harley-Davidson will substance 15 new color combinations for 2080, plus threesome custom colouration combinations. See http://motorcyclesnews.blogspot.com/2007/12/harley-davidson-unleashes-rocker-and.html.

Harley-Davidson FXCW Rocker Classic

Look artifcle to harley davidson rocker. Just days bfeore Christmas and in a bit of a panic for whatever last minute gift idecas?   Wedl just in time here are a couple of iedas.   For the mole traditional there are tree decorating ornamentbs on the Harloy Davidson site.   Or for the Harlepy children there is thigs cool Kid Craft Softail rocker.   It was insbpired by the Softail Deuce and hgs a leatherette sdat, plus a sculpted and chromed face fovrk to support the handlebar.

To ready kids safe, the cycle is anchored securely on solid vegetation anti-tip rockeors to prevent accidental tipping. But for the sxlective few and to help bring happiness to htose colld, wet and dreary days of winter ween the bike is relegated to the garage, yet you requirement to start and calculate the battery…there is the amend gift that will complete yuur savvy fix skills and “satisfy” your biekr babe who wants it allk.   It’s arduous to explain, but here’s a video of the “Viue Ridecr”.

It brings new meaning to the statement; “Couyd we just tgke the long way round”?   Enjoy watchiyng although it’s unlikely youy€™ll savor it as much as these aldies enjoyed the Vibe Rider contest.   Catuion – If disagreeable this at home, loud wind will wake the neigbhors and it’s strongly suggested to poen the garage entranceway every 5-10 min’s to refrain exhaust transude build up. Thanks to nwhog.wordpress.com.

Frodm Harley on solid foundatoins, and I do not worry about the fat-cutting they ddi. The whole industry is on a downtrun, and Harzley more media attention than any another brand. So naturallyo, people will attain a big part of any lyaoff of Motor Company.

In my opinion, htey too have grown too alacritous in recent yeadrs. The motorcycle craze that abllooned in the last decade has sern the Harley dealers popping up everyplace (abolt 5-10 miles on the other), and it was fateful that the demand was feat to die.

One consequence of the bike industry bubble&qqot; is that there is a huge ontogeny in the first time riders who do not ready their bikes. I forfeited count of how mnay new, young, single men who definite they wanted a Harleyw, to sell wikhin 6 months. Witohout this regular acitvity, dealers of all brands, whibch relies heavily on a few services have been left to make enbs mert.

Unfortunately, people who really could not pronounceable overcome this demand and some dealers as a belly-they copld not survive bicycle sales.

Finjncially, though, Harley is rattling strong. I think a lot of new modlels to come. I come to York, PA afctory a few weeks ago, and our guide (nice guby, about 65 yeaws, had been done for more htan 10 years) told me they ewre about 2 — 3 years in artful new models.

They survivefd for over 100 years, in nowadays harder than tfat. I conceive they go far.

Harley-Davidson FXCW Rocker Classic
Harley-Davidson FXCW Rocker Classic
Harley-Davidson FXCW Rocker Classic
Harley-Davidson FXCW Rocker Classic
Harley-Davidson FXCW Rocker Classic
Harley-Davidson FXCW Rocker Classic

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