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Each model VTX bike has very different stock VTX seats from Honda.

The Ultimate replacement VTX seats have been designed and styled separately for each VTX model also.

For instance, do not compare an Ultimate Lowrider or Bigboy VTX seat on a 1800 Retro if you have a VTX 1800 C model, the VTX seats are very different for each bike model.

Our Ultimate VTX seats are designed with your particular comfort in mind. Ultimate design expertise for VTX seats guarantees you a long distance, no numbum ride. With Ultimate’s exclusive comfort memory foam, you will enjoy the most comfortable ride you have ever known.

Correct nose angle design will prevent you from sliding forward on your Ultimate VTX seat, so you will sit in it, not on it.

No one seat can be made to fit all size riders. This is why we build a Lowrider VTX seat, a Midrider VTX seat and a Bigboy VTX seat for the different VTX model bikes.

Which of the Ultimate VTX seats suits you best depends on your height, weight, leg length and the size of your butt.

Because our Ultimate VTX seats have a built-in back support, the heavier you are the more forward you will sit.

Lowrider Ultimate VTX Seats:

The VTX 1300 model Lowriders and Midriders are 16 inches wide and the VTX 1800 model Lowriders are 17 inches wide.

All Ultimate Lowrider VTX seats are one inch lower than your stock VTX seat. If you are less than 200 lbs you will sit in the same position or a little closer to the handle bars as your stock VTX seat, depending on your butt size. If you are over 200 lbs you will sit one inch or more forward.

If you do not want to sit more forward, you may need our Midrider or Bigboy VTX seat model.

Midrider Ultimate VTX Seats:

The 1300 C and 1800 F model Midriders are 16 inches wide and will sit you at the same height and the same position to the handlebars as your stock VTX seats.

Bigboy Ultimate VTX Seats:

If you are heavier than 220 lbs. you may need the Bigboy model VTX seat (VTX 1300 Retro and VTX 1800 Retro and VTX 1800 C). The Ultimate Bigboy model VTX seats are designed for riders over 6 ft tall and/ or heavier than 220 lbs. The Bigboy VTX seats for the VTX 1300 Retro and VTX 1800 C model are 17-1/2 inches wide and the VTX 1800 Retro Bigboy is 18 inches wide.

The Bigboy VTX seats are one inch higher than your stock seat and will sit you further back (depending on your weight and butt size). This also helps riders with leg inseam measurements over 33 inches.

All Ultimate VTX seats have the rider backrest hardware built into every VTX seat so you can add the backrest at any time (except VTX 1800 F Midrider).

VTX 1300 Retro Bigboy rider backrest must be ordered with the VTX seat (can not be added later).

Ultimate VTX Seats Removable Rider Backrest:

– Pad measures 7 high by 10 wide by 1.5 thick and is built using the same memory foam as our VTX seats.

– Infinite tilt to match your back angle.

– Folds down forward for easy on and off your motorcycle.

– Adjustment forward and back is more than 2 inches.

– Adjusts with a thumb screw while your riding.

– No need to remove VTX seats or use a wrench.

Ultimate VTX Passenger Seat:

The Ultimate passenger VTX seats are 14 inches wide for all models with comfort to spare and the sissy bar backrest pad will bolt right on to your Honda backrest sissy bar or other aftermarket bars (we make them all).

Ultimate VTX Passenger Backrest Pad:

Honda VTX 1800

The Ultimate passenger backrest pad measures 12 wide x 8 high and sits your passenger 10 degrees straighter than the stock pad. This helps eliminate back fatigue on those long rides. The pad comes with stainless steel screws and fits on your Standard or Deluxe Hondaline sissy bar or any other make bar.

All Ultimate VTX seats (including VTX 1800) are offered as individual components and as sets.

All pictures of VTX seats (including VTX 1800) shown on our web site are durable marine vinyl.

All Ultimate VTX seats (including VTX 1800) are built complete on our own base pans (except VTX 1800 F model).

Ultimate VTX seats are water resistant but not waterproof.

Most motorcycle seats are built with a sheet of plastic between the seat cover and the foam. This prevents the water from going through the cover stitching into the foam. However, the sheet of plastic tends to holds all the heat in the seat cover, so Ultimate does not use this method.

Ultimate custom motorcycle seats, including VTX seats, will disperse the seat cover heat through the foam, giving your butt a cooler ride.

The tradeoff for this is that Ultimate VTX seats, vinyl or leather, are not waterproof.

A vinyl seat will let water in through the stitching and leather will do the same and also soak through the hide if it gets really wet.

A rain cover should be used to prevent water from seeping through the stitches into the comfort foam of your VTX seats.

We recommend you always cover your custom motorcycle seats with a waterproof cover when sitting or riding in the rain. This will also protect your seat from the sun’s damaging rays.

Ultimate and X logo is standard on Ultimate VTX seats in silver/grey and is included.

Custom Options are available for VTX seats.

See Custom Options – VTX

Let’s get you and your passenger in some custom motorcycle seats today, so that you can have.

Comfort For The Journey!

Honda VTX 1800
Honda VTX 1800
Honda VTX 1800
Honda VTX 1800

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