Ducati 998 Matrix

Motorcycles / Ducati 916/996/998 (1994-2005)

Evolution of the legendary Ducati 916 has an even punchier engine and a refined chassis. It�s still an uncompromising motorcycle designed to lap tracks fast which means it�s not such fun on a wet back road but it always makes the rider feel very special – whether they�re out on a blast or just staring at the Ducati 916, 996 or 998s gorgeous curves in the garage.


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Midrange torque that feels lazy and relaxed but launches the motorcycle forward like a Roman catapult. Twins always seem to find the most traction and the Ducati 916, Ducati 996 and Ducati 998 engines in these Dukes are no exception. Top end power�s strong � nearly a match for the Japanese four-cylinder motorcycles of the day.

Clutch is heavy for town use.

Ride and Handling

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Divine on a race track, a Ducati 916, 996 or 998 can be frustrating on the road. Fast steering but incredibly stable. The motorcycle’s small size helps riders feel in total control.

But these are motorcycles that work best when grabbed by the scruff of the neck and ridden hard � it�ll sense if you�re not confident and the ride�ll be jerky and awkward. Brembo brakes are excellent � as you�d expect.


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These are race motorcycle � what�s not needed is not present. But what is there is beautifully crafted. The Ducati 916, 996 and 998’s fast idle button is a treasure. Fairing panels that remove easily in under a minute make Japanese sports motorcycles owners jealous.

Comfort�s pretty poor � even motorcycle racers used to fit double-bubble screens for improved wind protection. 2000 onwards Ducati 996s had lightweight Marchesini wheels.

Quality and Reliability

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The Ducati 916, 996 or 998 is not a motorcycle to buy or run on a shoestring. Electrical problems are not uncommon, especially if the battery�s gone flat at some point. Ignoring oil changes would be insane.

Cambelts need changing every two years � go for the best available when getting this done. Servicing is expensive if done properly � and keep a few bob in reserve just in case.


Owners’ rating

Find a cherished motorcycle for reasonable money and you�ll actually get a bargain. Go for a Ducati dealer with a good warranty or buy privately from someone who�s obviously loved their motorcycle. Don�t be too obsessed with low mileage � sitting can cause more problems than using these motorcycles.

The Ducati 916, 996 or 998 is certainly a future classic but don�t think they�ll stop depreciating for a few years yet.

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Model History

1998: Ducati 996 Biposto launched.

Ducati 998 Matrix
Ducati 998 Matrix

2000: Marchesini five spoke wheels and new side stand. Single or dual seat.

2001: Ducati998 Biposto launched.

2002: Ducati 998R launched.

2003: Limited edition Ducati 998 Matrix launched.

2004: Ducati 998FE (Final Edition) launched.

2005: Range replaced by Ducati 999 series.

Other Versions

Ducati 916 Strada: Original version. Later SPS, Senna and Foggy Rep were limited edition versionsof that motorcycle.

Ducati 996SPS: Uprated version of Ducati 996 with superior suspension including Ohlins rear shock.

Ducatio 996S: Similar to Ducati 996 Biposto but with cams and gearbox from the 2000 Ducati 996 SPS.

Ducati 996R: Exclusive limited edition model with many mods including 998cc engine and much more.

Ducati 998S: Slightly uprated version of the Ducati 998 Biposto with Testastretta engine (134bhp) and modified bodywork.

Ducati 998R: Exclusive limited edition motorcycle for racing. Different bore / stroke, many changes, basis for WSB race motorcycles.

Ducati 998 Matrix: Limited edition to commemorate film of same name with special green paint.

Ducati 998FE: 300 machine limited edition with uprated Ohlins suspension, special numbered placque on top yoke and single seat.

Ducati 998 Matrix
Ducati 998 Matrix
Ducati 998 Matrix
Ducati 998 Matrix
Ducati 998 Matrix
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