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The Ducati City model cleverly combines form and substance, charm performance, into an expertly crafted pedal assisted bike. It has the geometry and appearance of a normal bicycle, it handles smoothly, while effortlessly covering long distances typically reserved to a car. You will beat the traffic, minimise the environmental impact of your commute, arrive to your destination wearing a smile, while saving money on the cost of your commute.


The Ducati City Pearl Stepthrough bike has a timeless appeal and sophisticated characteristics. It’s Stepthrough frame design makes it easy to ride, and offers an intelligent and very low impact urban mobility alternative. While the battery power is there to assist you, the bike is light and agile, and a pleasure to ride.

The Shimano Nexus internal gearing allow smooth seemless shifting, letting you to change gears at anytime, even when you’re stationary. The handlebar grips are ergonomically designed with superior asthetics, along with the front suspension, any vibration are effectively eliminated.

The classic ducati colours are evident in the design, and the styling is superb. A final touch is added to complete the package, by adding special accessories like the Axa bike lock.


The City Pearl features a very modern design with colors that recall the racing world, while maintaining a sheer downtown elegance. The light alloy frame built with high pressure hydroformed tubing, to improve handling without increasing weight, is combined with a monoshock suspension fork. The saddle is a perfect synthesis of sportiness and comfort.

The lithium battery is made with 40 Panasonic cells in a 4p10s configuration and is capable of delivering up to 15 amps without significant voltage drop, to ensure brisk accelerations. The third generation electric motor (brushless and sensorless) is integrated in the front hub to provide two-wheel traction (muscle energy on the rear wheel and electric power on the front wheel) and simplify any maintenance or repair of punctures; the planetary polymer gears inside optimize the torque at low speeds.

A crank mounted optical sensor with a phonic wheel provides the necessary information to the controller, which contains also the motor driver, to optimize the power assistance. The Nexus rear hub contains a 7-speed gear, to minimize maintenance, but also the risk of damage during use. The City Pearl offers exceptional ergonomics with the sensation of perfect control, which makes using it very intuitive and pleasant.


The queen of the city is a light and fast bike, beautifully designed and with a technological heart, to cruise around nimbly and effortlessly.

Ducati Cucciolo

Elegance and versatility are the most obvious qualities of this modern mean of transportation, thanks to the low step-through getting on and off the bike is simple when you carry your child, both on handlebar type child seat or on the child seat that can be installed on the dedicated rear rack, an ideal base plate conceived to keep the center of gravity as low as possible.

The electrical assistance greatly increases the usable range of the bike, but it is also a great help when riding uphill, especially if you are carrying children or a gym bag. The riding position is relaxed and the gel padded saddle comfortable for longer rides.

The geometries and shapes of this bike, that hide in the rear profile a high capacity lithium battery, were developed by our designer together with the Ducati style center; the bike is available in two versions: speed and iTorq.

The speed version uses our classic electronics with optical speed sensor, providing maximum freedom of choice in the ratio between electrical support and muscle effort. The seven-speed Shimano external gear allows you to select the pedalling cadence.

The iTorq version uses cutting-edge electronics with a very sensitive torque sensor, a special controller with dedicated software and an ultra-quiet motor, to provide the most natural and pleasant pedal assisted bicycle you have ever ridden. The internal gear hub, which is well protected and does not require the attention of the typical conventional external rear derailleur, allows gear shift even while standing still.


The Cucciolo pedal assisted electric bicycle has a light-alloy frame and the battery is housed in a profile above the rear wheel, so that at first glance it looks like a classic city bike. The Cucciolo is made more precious by components such as saddle, grips, tool bag and mudguards made by Brooks, a historic British company that manufactures prestigious handmade leather accessories and saddles, and represents the reference point for all lovers of vintage bicycles.

The fascinating classic looks hides a technological heart, with optical pedaling sensors, Panasonic cell lithium battery, a third-generation brushless and sensorless electric motor and an electronic control unit that incorporates the motor controller. The Ducati Cucciolo electric bike is a unique object of desire with the perfect balance of form, technology, innovation and eco-sustainability, with a touch of classical elegance.

Ducati Cucciolo

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