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The Italian company is in great dusting. Participate in the World Motocross, Enduro and Supermoto with 3 different Team officers and 13 pilots

The Official Team Husqvarna

Today we can say without fear of denials. The arrival of German giant BMW has given an injection of confidence – as well as capital – for Husqvarna.

The Italian house has presented the official team that will participate in 2009 World Championships in Motocross, Enduro and Supermotard.

And, judging by the pilots and the level reached by Varese motion, there is reason to bet that the prize of laurels at home Husqvarna know significant growth.

Husqvarna in 2009 will be officially in the World Championships with 3 different teams and 13 official drivers.

Husqvarna in 105 years of history has won 74 world titles in various disciplines to which it has participated with great consistency of results and successes from 1959 to today.

Husqvarna motocross in the back with the team led by Bartolini

2009 marks the return to racing in motocross Husqvarna with a factory team that will participate in all the world championship MX3.

Under the name of Team Husqvarna – Tecno B, there lurks a team official on the track to show the pilots Alex Salvini and Christophe Martin, followed by Team Manager Andrea Bartolini and the technical director Walter Scaltritti.

The same team will be among the young Italian driver Andrea Cervellin who will participate with the new TC 250 to the entire European championship MX2.

Tecno Team Husqvarna point B in no uncertain terms to win the World Championship MX3.

After the season which has provided a sample and where Husqvarna won 3 races and led the podium finish with third place Christophe Martin, now the team is ready to participate as a protagonist in the motocross world, starting April 12 by the legendary English track of Hawstone Park.

Alex Salvini is not a new name for Husqvarna and is not even in the international scene. The strong Italian driver has a prize of all respect that wants to consolidate global debut in MX3, with the intent to win now.

The Team nell’Enduro. CH Racing

Nell’enduro Husqvarna has placed confidence in the CH Racing Team headed by Fabrizio Azzalin that will manage the World WEC six pilots: Jonathan Manzi, Antoine Meo, Marc Bourgeois, Bartoz Oblucki, Matti Seistola and Seb Guillaume. The youngest of the team is the blue Jonathan Manzi, eighteen bergamasco pilot who has marked the last season in the Italian and nell’europeo. Manzi will run in the class with EJ Husqvarna WR 125.

In the E1 class, Husqvarna stressed an important achievement in deploying the eclectic Antoine Meo riding the new Husqvarna TE 250. Meo is in its second season in the world enduro after a debut where he managed to obtain good results often struggling for the top positions.

Husqvarna SM 530RR
Husqvarna SM 530RR

In the same class Marc Bourgeois will try to build from the misfortune that has bombarded in 2008.

Class E2, the CH Racing Team deploys two pilots on two different types of motorcycles. Polish Bartoz Oblucki with WR 250 and the Finnish Matti Seistola with the TE 450.

In the E3 class belongs to French Seb Guillaume carry on the highest step of the podium the new Husqvarna WR 300.

Ch Team Racing Championship over the world will also participate in the Italian championship with Manzi, Meo, and Seistola; the French championship with Guillaume and Bourgeois through the French importer SIMA and Oblucki in the German championship GNCC with the support of the Zupin.

The Supermotard. Adrien CHAREYRE is called the confirmation

Thanks to the regularity and speed CHAREYRE Adrien and his Husqvarna SM 530 RR, Husqvarna won for the second consecutive year the world championship title and S2 manufacturers.

With the CH Racing Team led by blue pilot Max Manzo, Class S1, Thomas CHAREYRE must demonstrate that it is ready to point to the world title after a 2008 that saw a strong performance switch races less bright.

Will be accompanied by the young and strong Finnish Mauno Hermunen pilot who last season won the most national championships cited above. Both will be riding the Husqvarna SM 450 RR.

In S2 class, world champion in office Adrien CHAREYRE will defend the title with the SM 530RR managed by CH racing team.

His class but the team will not even Gerald Delepine, who will defend the colors of a united team to the World Husqvarna Supermotard: Team Cross 2 R Marcello Bivio.

Husqvarna SM 530RR
Husqvarna SM 530RR
Husqvarna SM 530RR
Husqvarna SM 530RR
Husqvarna SM 530RR
Husqvarna SM 530RR
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