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Suzuki DL650 V-Strom 2012: All-rounded!

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In the middle of 2011, without warning, Suzuki reiterates its DL 650 V-Strom. Dress completely revised, reworked engine Gladius for more roundness, new provision of equipment, standard ABS and many optional accessories: the operation aims to revive the career of the versatile Suzuki trail … and does seem to fly!

Suzuki DL650 V-Strom 2011 to 2012: First test

The trails of mid-displacement unfamiliar crisis. The “ roll-always “ looking for a versatile bike is always go to the concessions, as well as those seeking a “ real “ average displacement adapted to walking as a duo, without going through the box semi roadster -keeled. Long dominated by the Honda Transalp, the category has seen boosted by the arrival of BMW F650 GS and 800 and, more recently, by both Triumph Tiger 800.

Under these conditions, Suzuki quickdraw probably the evolution of his V-Strom at the right time. So we went out to meet this new V-Strom DL 650 model 2011/2012 in Croatia, far from the Spanish roads for this type of test. The geographical shift appropriate for a significant change in the popular Suzuki?

Gone are the prominent V-Strom, here is the V-Strom becomingly

Recognize that if the Suzuki DL650 V-strom now has a whole fan club, she had a difficult start when he arrived on the market in 2003. The style of the new version marks a break with some of the old model: the finite angular lines and style straight up with gently rounded, the tank to the fairing. All the buildup of Suzuki DL650 2011 has changed, but the controls, the dashboard, the seat … At least, it really seems this new “ V-Strom 2.0 “!

Fortunately, the ergonomics is the most relaxing, relaxed arms. legs unfolded. The layout of the dashboard is very clear and the controls are obvious simplicity, like the button that scrolls information on the dashboard with one touch. The sound is that of the Suzuki twin, even if the first SV in carbs were more melodic. Here, the pulses are muffled.

First, the clutch dose as easily as the throttle is sweet shows: butter for delicate mimines.

For everyday heroes

In five minutes from town, we begin by noting that the V-Strom 2011 has retained its ability to commute or her chosen field. The grip is really easy. the engine is smooth and devoid of brutality, and general handling – including the turning circle – is very good. If the old DL 650 was renowned for its ease, the news shows simply obvious ( except enhanced his saddle which requires more attention during stops ).

Our group, composed of journalists from across Europe, takes the expressway. What test its protection among the best in the category, even with the bubble set to the middle notch ( 2 of 3 ). Driving at 130 km / h or 5900 rev / min in the sixth, on this desert highway south-eastern Europe proving to be a boring nothing, I hasten to follow the lead of a colleague who it no longer tries a burst of speed.

Attempt that is not the taste of our opener, Simon Crafar, a former pilot who now works for GP tests Suzuki. Nevertheless, the episode has allowed us to check the health of the motor and directional stability at high speeds.

Riding the version with luggage, I shall succeed not do better than 190 km / h meter against around 210 km / h version without equipment. A given standard deviation of the air brake of “ cake- “ back. Directional stability is satisfactory for a well equipped machine and if the handlebars a little dance in the hands, it’s not really dangerous.

We leave the highway to quickly walk the winding mountain in Croatia.

Party all-terrain cycle

The new Suzuki DL650 V-Strom 2011 shows an excellent ability to erase the corners, whatever the quality of the bitumen. And in this respect, the grip of Croatian roads is also the alternating current at EDF! A pin mounted, and zip rear tire shreds on the tarmac. The bike settles on its suspension, but recovers by itself. A handful of gravel spread over the course scares the front wheel and presto, the V-Strom makes up healthily.

She forgives many errors, the essence of the trail eventually.

And this reinforces our initial reaction: a grip and a clear directional stability at high speed very correct, the new Suzuki DL650 V-Strom adds a behavior generally very healthy, inviting wrap without relent with a front and fairly accurate ideally neutral. Trajectory corrections are obvious and the bike does not stiffen the front under braking curve in spite of suspension travel and rewards of class. All in a comfortable driving through significant suspensions effective – although more comfort oriented than sport – and a remarkable saddle, a priori much better than the Honda Transalp.

While some trails mid-displacement, as the Kawasaki Versys 800 or the new Tiger, have a stiffer frame, more incisive behavior and running gear seemed more set on the same rail. In his defense, must still note that the new Suzuki DL650 retains the old Bridgestone Trailwing in OE: there are far more powerful today.

Effective but not very sexy …

As for the engine finally Suzuki DL650 V-Strom 2011, he participated in the overall coherence. Really round on acceleration at low and midrange, it offers a flexibility that highlights the general smoothness of V-Twin and its gearbox. On reports 2, 3 and 4, leaves without brutality to 2500 rev / min. Below, a few vibrations that can inform good control the throttle of a twin, although it may fall further. Normally, the useful range is between 4 000 r / min and 7500 r / min.

The spread of torque can then be rolled up and conduct a serene overruns.

Past 7500 r / min, it is expected a handover between the torque and power, the latter to take over until the red zone, located at 10 000 r / min: a lost cause … The extension is not really to go. So, in the absence of fun during acceleration point ( quite rare in current use ), it falls back on the torque and flexibility, both “ comfortable mechanically “. In a raid strewn valleys, I reach the top of a stumble: Surprise! A herd of goats and their shepherd occupy the entire floor!

I jump on the brakes like a bimbo on the latest Justin Beaber. The ABS allows the tires to work, then goes into action.

The bike bounced a little on the asphalt, dance on its suspension … and colleague who followed me, probably asleep by the sweltering heat, struck the left rear suitcase of my bike. No loss, no more fear than harm. In this exercise, braking proved satisfactory but not transcendent power either. Good concentration and two meters and more security would probably have avoided this contact “ manly “.

Appraisal: Dear evolution

Designing or revising a motorcycle is often a compromise and the new Suzuki V-Strom 650 2011 certainly no exception to the rule. Redesigned, more harmonious and in tune with the times, it hides all forms curvaceous engine offering a good driveability. Torque and flexibility come together as a middleweight rarely.

This is frankly a good point, although this availability comes at the expense of fun … I bet that this choice of engineers is the right given the philosophy of motorcycling.

The chassis responds consistently to mechanics: serenity, ease and remarkable comfort here share the limelight. Then we regret certain choices somewhat detrimental: the elevation of the saddle for example, the tank capacity in removal of two liters ( fortunately, consumption remains low: 6.5 l/100 km recorded during our test, with maximum speed tests and mountain roads ) and a high sales price.

The new Suzuki DL650 V-Strom 2011 is indeed sold € 8,199 with ABS as standard.

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