Ducati 998 R

Ducati 998

The new narrow-head motor, champion of world SBK to the debut, enriches all the range of the superbike Ducati. Here is the test in track of the 998, that it will be continuation to short from the S and the R version.

In the 2001 we have assisted an ulterior power rise from the tip models of the motorcycle houses: first the Suzuki, with the escape of new GSX1000R credited of performances worthy of a Superbike, but also in ours house is been born motorbike in a position to maintaining the step of the 4 cylinders Japanese, the new Aprilia RSV1000 R, bicylindrical from 130 cv, ago marking exceptional times on the turn in track, moreover to short attends, the new Benelli Tornado 900, three cylinders that from the first apparition in Superbike has made much good. In Ducati house, already from the slid year they have been remarkable improvements: with the escape of the 996R, pushed from the new narrow-head motor, the performances increment was clearly to all. Now the narrow-head, already in possession of a title pilots SBK and one marks, becomes the engine of all the range of the sport Ducati of greater capacity: from the 998 base version (will come proposal two-seat or single-seat; only difference is the tail), that we introduce in this test, to 998 S and the 998R, that they will follow to short.

At the view stylistic point does not change a lot. the only new solution has been that one to adopt a careening in completely smooth tecnopolimeri on the flanks, without vents for the air, proceeds hour, on the advanced edge, in order to avoid that the warm air in coming from turbulence from the radiators disturbs the aerodynamics. Beyond to of the new transfers.

The technique:

The new maxi of Borgo Panigale adopts hour the same chassis of the old 996R, with a Showa staple with stalks with bringing to titanium nitride (tin) in order to improve usury and fluency. The monoshock-absorber is a refined completely adjustable Ohlins (the motorbike is much sensible to the regulations).

New developments also as far as the system refraining, on all the range, will only come adopted those classified ones previously, to the 996R: to the front one we find two floating discs with reduced thickness (in order to diminish the weight), from 5 to 4.5 mm, worked from the traditional pliers to 4 pistons of the Brembo, on this version of base, have not been mounted the pliers Triple Bridge (with central hardening bridge and 4 tablets), that they will equip the versions sport S and R, why, being to how much declaring from the Ducati technicians, the reply to the lever of this type of pliers assures a refrained power of most powerful, but little manage for a street use. However, all the versions have been accredited, also for this type of pliers, then the possessors of the base version that they wanted more powerful refraining, they will not have to make other that to put hand to the pocketbook. It changes also to the disposition of some members electrical workers and has been mounted an endowed radiator of two fan wheel, ordered from the injection switchboard; with this configuration, the switchboard decides if to activate two or one impellers in order to always maintain the temperature to the more profitable level.

The greater and more meaningful new development of the 998, is the new narrow-head motor (called therefore just for the contained dimensions of the thermics, of which we find a detailed technical test to the inside of this site), deriving directly from that one of the 996R. In this version base. but, the control of the costs has been privileged and therefore Carter is realized for die casting rather than for fusion in earth, allowing to use the equipments and the stamps of the previous version of the Desmo motor, for which he has returned himself to the high sump.

In the sport versions they will come used carter for fusion in earth to low goblet, this also why the low goblet, becomes closely necessary for the use in circuit, where longitudinal and cross-sectional acceleration are caught up such that could affect the correct draught of the oil. The new propeller, is nearly completely new, the straps follows a different distance, for increment the duration (finally would come to say to me!), and in order to diminish timing error , that is the phase variation that plagues the distributions of this type to the high regimes; new also the pistons, the connecting-rod and the feed system, a lot evolution, counts on two flower bodies from 54 mm (was from 50 mm), equipped of injector outside butterfly, is a solution from F1, concurs gain in terms of filling coefficient, thanks to remarkable cooling of the gaseous column in entrance, during the way from the injector to the combustion chamber, in poor words: colder mixture, equal denser, equal: more fuel and air in the engine (compliments. and thanks F1 from the lucky possessors of the one 998).

To level of management, interesting the adoption of the new injection exchange Marelli 5.9 (before used on the 996R), last from the dimensions of a car radio, to those of a cellular one, of those small then, beyond guaranteeing better performances. The dimensions of the 998 are the same ones of 996 R ( that we have tested its escape ), while will change the bore of 998 R 2002, increased to 104 mm: 100 mm for the bore bound together a run of 63.5 mm.

Comfort and functionalities:

The insufficient comfort in every day of the Ducati supersport, different from that in track, are very famous: above all for most large than stature, that is: cervical pains and long all the vertebral column, let alone on hands and wrists, plus generally one feeling of soreness and muscular fatigue already from the first Km; in order not to speak about the poor wretch of turn, forced to make from passenger on those little piece of skin positioned highest with the legs very much crouch, because of the positioning of the footrests, and without no I seize. But this is the price to pay, always has been therefore, from the escape of first 916, in order to make show of these jewels in the city or during the escapes of the weekend.

The greatest satisfactions from one Ducati of this class , you will sure have it in circuit, the motorbike is been born in order to run in track, and therefore structured in every its detail, also secondary: tapered tip (if it is not travelled with the helmet under the tip, the protection is almost nonexistent, and becomes impossible to push over the 200 Km/h); high and rear footrests (but are not perhaps true that the greater part of purchasers of the several CBR, GSX R, like first purchase after market, is endured forced to a remarkable expenditure of money, just destined to the substitution of the series footrests? Not just adapted for a sport use of the motion, but that they allow one position in enough comfortable saddleback; but, evidently, the greater part of the possessor ones of these wild animals does not try sure the comfort before in order. Well, with the Ducati you will be able to save the cost of the footrests, maybe destining to an advance payment for the purchase of opened terminals, than they will make to taste to full load the potentialities, and another much important for one Ducati, the true rumble of your bicylindrical); moreover, the most rigid suspensions, of sure don’t degree to absorb the irregularity of ours street, where you will to risk the safety of your bottom back; but in a condition to making truly amusing in the use on the track.

Like in the previous versions, all it is studied in order to concur the principle rendered in the guide with the limit, on new 998, then, this is confirmed from the new engine that allows at the new ducati, performances unknown to the previous model, with a substantial increase of cv, already from the base version. Waiting for then, the versions S, and above all R that, thanks to the graft of many valuable members, will concur an increment of still greater power, and one consisting weight lessening; beyond to brakes and suspensions and naturally of better rendered.

Capacity to the limit the 998 opens the doors to the paradise of the guide: staying in saddle, the bust finds in a position that naturally bring to fore load, the tank allows to anchor well in order during the detached ones to the limit and it minimally does not interfere with during the movements from one part at the other, the footrests placed perfectly regarding the sitting plan, allow at the knowing pilot more than to play with the weight movements and of pressure on the same ones without to accuse premature fatigues of the legs and tip offers one limited protection if is decided of spreading literally on the tank. But we do not believe that all that is fundamental for the potential customer of this means, the essential thing is that in saddleback to the 998 it has the constant and total sensation of being one only think with the motorbike.

In Racetrack:

As soon as the clutch lets, it astonishes the sweetness (disowned to the previous engine) with which the new narrow-head it begins to make road: the showy tears of the previous versions are an old memory, these thanks to the adoption of camshafts from the different diagram, and a mapping of the telephone exchange adapted to these and the new system of drainage with collectors from 45 mm (before were of 50 mm, have been capacities to the measure of the smaller sister, the 748). Moreover, it is from evidencing, the increase of the thickness of the head in the zone where they support the prisoners, for promote the rigidity.

The motor is altogether much substantial and sweet. accelerating never does not have on all supply arc, a clean entrance in brace (does not give the classic blow that often it put in crisis the neophytes) but pushes in progressive and constant way. This motor has back to sell, since the 4-5000 turns, the push makes strength, for keep supported until the 9000, from which is fast run to the 9.750, where it catches up the maximum power, 123 cv.

For advantage to the best the limiter convene to insert the gears in progression without to try the useless turns out (enters to 10,200 indicated turns). These characteristics have one happy influence on all the dynamic behaviour of the motorbike.

The cycling and the suspensions are less stressed and react in more homogenous and balanced way regarding the past: in detached, also those to the limit, the motor brake is less abrupt and the waving truly are reduced, without to consider that the curve distance is still more profitable fluid and. Optimal the suspensions, many sensitive to the regulations and constants in the rendering.

Now is possible to guide the new 998 with a faster step and above all with a halved engagement psychic and physical. Also the braking plant it has endured of a refine: the initial sensation is that a lacks mordant, but with passing of the turns us account becomes of as he is extremely modulate and that enough to apply little of force on the lever in order to obtain the maximum decelerations.

Novelty 2002 in synthesis:

– new smooth hull.

– increased airbox.

– New narrow-head motor on all the range.

– 998 base (two-seat or single-seat) Power:123 cv at 9750 turns; Weight: 198 Kg.

Ducati 998 R
Ducati 998 R

– 998 S Power: 136 cv at 10000 turns; Weight: 187 Kg.

– 998 R Power: 139 cv at 10000 turns; Weight: 183 Kg.

Technical Card

Motor . to 4 times, bicylindrical to L. longitudinal of 90, cooling to liquid, bore and race 100 x 63.5 mm, cubic capacity 998 cc, compression ratio 11,4:1; desmodromic distribution double tree in head to four valves for cylinder; lubrication to humid carter. Alimentation to electronic injection integrated at the ignition, with injectors over-butterfly; capacity fuel tank 17 l. electric starter.

Transmission . primary to gears, end to chain. Clutch to multiple discs to dry with hydraulic command. Gearshift to six gears.

Cycling . trellis chassis in steel round tubes; inclination steering stud 23,5-24,54.

Anterior suspension . Adjustable Showa staple at upside down steles with TiN treatment, excursion 127 mm;

Posterior suspension . Oscillating mono- arm fork to progressive action with completely adjustable mono-shock-absorber of the Ohlins, excursion 130 mm.

Wheels . anterior and posterior in light alloy to five spokes, front tire 120/70 ZR17, posterior 190/50 ZR17.

Brakes . front to two semi-floating discs from 320 mm with pliers to four pistons; posterior to disc from 220 mm with plier to two pistons.

Dimensions and weight . Wheelbase 1410 mm, height saddleback 790 mm, the maximum height 1080 mm, the maximum length 2030 mm. Dry weight: 198 kg.

Performances . power 123 CV (91 kW) to 9750 turns, torque 9.89 kgm (96.9 Nm) to 8000 turns/min.

Homologation: Euro-1; the available colors are always the red and the yellow.

In order to end, the price: will serve 30.980.000 £. (about 14.500 $), in order to carry to house one 998 base, justified yes, from the many new developments, but also always a bag of moneys.

Ducati 998 R
Ducati 998 R
Ducati 998 R
Ducati 998 R
Ducati 998 R

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